Sunday, August 28, 2011

About This Site

This is a collection of poems and short stories I needed to write.
Stuff that clutters my brain until it sees the light.
I had to get them out and share them with all of you.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Thank you for visiting!
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fairy in Hidden Springs

We've all heard the rumors that buried deep in the hills of the resort town of Hidden Springs lies a secret community of people. Strange people the town folk try and avoid at all costs. Supposedly these "fairies" as they are called can harness the powers of the moon and have the ability to reverse and even stop the signs of aging! Rumors is what I chalked it up to because I don't believe in fairy tales and I simply don't believe magic exists anywhere! It took a sunny day, a strange twist of fate and a seemingly simple problem to change my mind. I never believed in those rumors...until now.

I was spending a nice quiet day at home about to enjoy a nice relaxing bath when suddenly, the pipes burst!

"Honey, we have a leak, call a repair man," I yelled down the stairs to my boyfriend.

Twenty minutes later a man named Tomas appeared at my door. I took in his awkward appearance and tried not to stare as I introduced myself and led him into the kitchen. "I have no idea how it happened, they just went POOF!" I explained of the three water main breaks within the home.

"Oh this happens all the time here," he smiled gently. "The celebrities that visit take advantage of the spring waters that are sourced from the various waterfalls in the hills. Because of this the city has had to reroute and redo several sewer lines in order to keep the town from flooding. But don't worry ma'am, I'll get this fixed in a jiffy!"

"Thank you!" I said as I stepped near the door.

He immediately got to work on the kitchen sink. In no time at all he had the water flow stopped and repaired the faucet with no trouble at all.

"There!" he said turning towards me. "Where's the next one?"

I stood staring at this man as I noticed his appearance changed right before my eyes. Now it's rude to call someone fat, but this man was fat when he entered my home. Moments after repairing my sink, he seemed to have grown younger and thinner!

"Did...the water...I..."

"Right this way," my boyfriend said as I tried to regain my composure. He led him up the stairs and I quickly moved towards the sink to inspect it.

"What just happened?" I asked in disbelief. I rushed up the stairs to continue watching him.

He made short work of the bathroom sink...

And lastly, the tub.

"All fixed, ma'am," he again smiled gently.

"How much do we owe you?"

"It's on the house. You're new to the town, consider this a housewarming gift."

"Thank you, Tomas," my boyfriend said and escorted him to his car.

I kept going over in my head the rumors I heard about this town and I never would have even given them a second notion until that scene in my kitchen.

I watched him hop into a gray sedan and quickly took up pursuit. I followed him to the edge of the city and onto a dirt road.

He stopped suddenly near the side of the street, hopped from his vehicle and took off into the woods.

Had I spooked him? Did he see me following him? I exited my vehicle and continued following him.

Somehow he must have sensed my presence because he stopped running and took up a slow stride as though he was enjoying a nice walk through the forest. At that point I took cover behind a tree so as to shield myself in case he had seen me.

It must have worked because he again took off into the woods, hastening his pace as he went deeper and deeper into the forest.

I followed him and saw that he stopped at the water. The water, I thought as I watched him act casual near the spring. He'd mentioned that the celebrities enjoy the waters here, I wonder if they too are aware of the healing abilities it seems to hold.

After what seemed like forever, he finally moved again, heading back up the same path he'd come.

I thought finally my time had paid off as he neared a rock with a large crevice in the front, but he just continued walking past it.

He walked...

And walked...

And walked...

It was night by the time he'd reached his destination, and where did he go you might ask. Back to my place; apparently the gray sedan was just to throw me off his track. He'd originally arrived in a blue repair truck which he drove off of my block.

Again I followed him thinking I hit paydirt but as he neared this billboard, he simply vanished!

Believe what you want, I am not trying to prove the existence of "magic" or "fairies". But I know one thing to be true, something "mysterious" and somewhat "magical" took place today.

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