Saturday, April 30, 2016

Cabot Creek - An Apocalypse World

Hey everyone!

Just a quick note on what’s happening for Outbreak.

Ever try making your own Sims 3 world? I have, just once before which resulted in a HUGE disaster and subsequent abandoning of said project. But, I decided to give it another go. The outcome? Cabot Creek, An Apocalypse World. While I have no intentions of uploading this world (for reasons listed below), I did want to share some of the screenshots from the project.

Before I do that, I just wanted to say that I know there are apocalypse-like worlds out there in the likes of Roseward, Ghostlight, Nightmare City, Lost Cove, and Silent Hill, just to name a few. And while many of them had qualities I loved, they were either too small for my needs (which would not allow for expansion of extra sets as needed), too laggy (which made it hard and frustrating to use) or just not busy enough (not enough sims generated because no places to live). But, if they taught me anything it was that I knew what I wanted...I just had to make it happen.

I did find so many wonderful lots pre-built that added character to my little remake of Moonlight Falls and I wanted to extend a thank you to all of the creators and builders that made this little sleepy EA town come to life, or rather, death.

Lots used:
Hunting House by Severinka
Sunnydale High by Alex_Kaye
Massacre by PaleSecret
Don’t Let Them In by ValoisFulcanelli
Brookhaven Hospital by Neuro-Toxic
Back in Town by YenniSims
Creepy Motel by PralineSims
Trailer Park by Shady
Piece of Manhattan by Ariuska
The Bunker by Lay1010
Rustic Retreat by JennifurB
Criminal Dump by AnnettesB
Beat Down but Livable by Hello83433
Mixed Bunch by AnnaSommer (a household)
Glue Factory by CycloneSue
Chemical Depot by CycloneSue
The Halt by CycloneSue
Railway Junction by CycloneSue

CC used:
DMC conversions by Toxxxicrose
Burnt House by GrannyZaza
Destroyed House by GrannyZaza
Metro Set by Granny Zaza
City Ruins by Helen
Cargo Set by Carlos
Construction by Syren
Industrial by Syren
Concrete by NoirAndDark
Construction by CycloneSue

Everything else was in game.

And now, without further ado, I present Cabot Creek: An Apocalypse World:

I am currently working on making the inhabitants of Cabot Creek mortally wounded members in the ranks of the undead (similar to what was done in Roseward for last year’s volume of Outbreak).

Now, if you were curious as to why I chose not to upload, I did want to shed a little light on that.

1: First and foremost, patching. As a digital downloader I was FORCED by EA to upgrade to 1.69 in order to access my EPs (assholes). Well in doing so, the game no longer recognized CC Magic without a LOT of finagling. This resulted in some of my CC becoming a little unstable. Hidden CC, missing CC, disappearing CC from saves where I’d JUST used it. Headache central for sure.

2: Next, I’ve added CC from creators whose TOU does not allow for reupload of items which means I would have to go through and remove their creations (a lot of which makes the world what it is) before I could share it with you.

3: On top of that, I edited much of the CC as well with S3Pe in order to get them to appear as CAW metadata.

4: Then, CAW would not allow me to use the Edit-In-Game feature where I could drop custom lots into the world where I wanted. With this option, the user, upon new game, would just need to select a home and start playing. That didn’t happen for me. SO my exported world is actually just a shell of CC with no lots for play. (Those are in the saved games instead).

5: Finally, I was having a HELLUVA time getting the world to export. It finally worked when I removed my DCCache folder to my desktop. While I don’t believe this had any major repercussions as the world installs and loads just fine, I don’t want to run the risk of it harming anyone’s game.

I’m sure everyone has had their issues with EA and I definitely don’t want to contribute to that. I hope you can understand.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with these. Bloopers from the Origin/Quarantine story. Enjoy!

~ Daijah
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Friday, April 29, 2016

05: Outbreak

Nicole Parker

Sunlight shot into my eyes like daggers, blinding me momentarily. Reflexively, I shut them and pointed my face towards the sky. It was a good sensation, even if only temporary. These days, there was no time to sit and bask in the warmth. These days were all about survival and doing your best to even make it to another.

A cool breeze brushed against my face, and I almost felt at peace as I breathed it in…almost. The sound of drawling moans rumbled behind me; time to run again. Grabbing my bag from the ground, I made my way towards the clearing and the road. There has to be others out here—alive.
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04: Evacuation

Mathew Locke & Ryan Crawfield

“We’ll be there soon.” I called to my companion, snoring like a grizzly beside me. “Be ready.” His eyes opened slowly, blinking twice at me before rolling over to face the window.

Returning my gaze out the windshield, I stared pensively at the road as we barreled down the highway. The sun had begun to set over the large expanse of empty fields and farmland, casting everything in a warm orange glow. If I’d had it my way, we’d have been there by now. I hated driving at night, especially now. There were just too many unknowns with being out past dark.

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

03: Lights Out

*Warning: NSFW ahead.*

Edward Goodwin

“Come on out, Honey. I don’t have all day! Get in here. I wanna see what $700 looks like.” Damn. It was already a little passed noon and while I, as the Founder and CEO of a Fortune 500 company, can take leisure with my lunch, I was still a busy man. And, like the saying goes, time is money. I poured myself another glass of Screaming Eagle and impatiently waited to sneak a peek at this Agent Provocateur lingerie.
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02: Daybreak

Chloe Reagan & Mike Sanders

The glowing sun shone through the cold, steel bars of my cell from the only window in the hall. A room with a view, I laughed. At least the asshole cop who threw me in here had a sense of humor. An involuntary groan escaped through my nose as I rolled my body to the edge of the cot and rubbed my back to soothe it. I swear these things must be made of the rustiest metals on earth with stiff, old newspaper as stuffing. I’d have been better off sleeping on the floor. A rat scurried passed my foot at the notion and I watched it squeeze through a tiny hole in the wall. On second thought.
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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

01: Affliction

Amélia Nunez

Hello. My name is Amélia. I work as an Executive Administrative Assistant at BioCore in Fairhaven…well I guess in my case worked. Let me explain. Today, the facility was the site of a massive reactor explosion which nearly leveled the entire building. Many of us became hopelessly trapped in the upper levels, myself included as I worked on the 5th floor, while others were lucky to escape the area that took the majority of the damage and make it safely out of the building.

I had been sitting at my desk working on some bullshit, unimportant report my boss HAD to have at that exact moment even though, technically, I was on lunch when I felt the rumble. It started small sort of like the aftershock of an earthquake. But within seconds it had built up to a powerful shake that exploded windows and killed the lights on every floor. I ducked beneath my desk and waited for the thunderous roaring beneath my feet to stop enough to make it to an exit. But it was only after the explosion ended the real danger began.
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05: Cover Up

Three vans poured into the center of Fairhaven, all of them with the BioCore logo embossed on the side. Residents went on about their normal routines, unaware of the dangers that lurked nearby. A hose was shoved through the sliding door of one of the vehicles aimed at the park where several families had gathered for the Fairhaven Round-up. It was an annual event that hosted competitions ranging from bull riding to pig wrangling to ‘roping’ or lasso techniques. There was even a petting zoo for the kids and a mechanical bull for adventurous adults.

Several charities were on hand hoping to rouse a few new donors for their cause. There were even booths set up for Girl Scouts to peddle their cookies and homemade friendship bracelets. The sun shone above like a radiant gem in the sky. For the middle of summer, the day was cooler than usual. The slight breeze fanning through the mix of maple, oak and fir trees provided a level of comfort that made the day absolutely perfect for this event.

Stopping just at the edge of the square, the driver put the vehicle in park and waited. The canister concealed in the back of the bed whirred to life, choking out a thick, odorless, tasteless liquid into the air. The mist fell down like rain. Several people ran for cover while others, children mostly, played beneath it in sheer delight. It lasted for a few minutes before the spout recoiled back inside the vehicle and the BioCore vans drove out of the area.
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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

04: Critical Mass

Moving with purpose, Raymond’s feet carried him up the stairs to the Executive wing, passed the conference room packed to capacity with potential buyers and into the lavish office floor of the higher-ups. Each step burned with determination and anger all centered on one person. “What the hell is this?” Raymond demanded, storming into Ericka’s office and tossing a handful of photos on her desk. Photos taken by his assistant who had the gall to defy her Project’s Supervisor and sneak back into a restricted area three nights ago.

“And a good morning to you too, Dr. Bell,” Ericka said, pushing the images to the side as she casually sipped from her morning tea.
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03: Deadly Vices

*Warning: Some NSFW ahead*

“Kenji, do you have the slides from Sample A ready?” Rylie asked, leaning over his station. “Kenji? Yo, Ken? Earth to Kenji!”

“Hmm, what?” he finally said, coming out of a daze as he realized he’d been staring blankly at her. “I’m sorry, yes I…um…one—one second.” He shuffled through a few test tubes on the counter beside his microscope before handing her a tray of vials with multiple colored liquids. “The documentation is on your desk. I finished it this morning but was still running a follow-up analysis on two of them. I should have that printout for you soon.”

“Thanks, Kenji. What would I do without you?”
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Monday, April 25, 2016

02: Setbacks

“Hey,” Rylie waved and rushed towards Raymond as he pushed his tray through the line. “Ham? Shouldn’t you be watching your sodium intake?”

“It’s fine, Rylie, one ham sandwich once a month is not gonna kill me.”

“Ok, but don’t say I didn’t warn you,” she teased and grabbed a tray from the stack at the end of the counter. “So, I submitted the applications and I have bad news,” she sighed and slipped into the line behind him.

“Don’t tell me, you weren’t able to request additional test subjects?”

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

01: Natural Selection

The clicking of heels on the pristine tile floors forewarned the laboratory of her arrival before the hermetic glass doors slid open. A pair of nyloned legs appeared in the doorway and just like roaches when the lights turn on everyone scattered to their stations, pretending to work on their assigned duties. Ericka Vanguard, the Vice President of BioCore Pharmaceuticals, entered the room. Her freshly ironed suit clung to her hips as she walked with purpose towards the terminal in back.
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Origin: Prologue

Let’s get something straight. The way movies and books depict the end of the world is nowhere close to how it actually happens. The media hypes it as a fiery end by the hands of your biblical deity come to clean house of all the sinners. But if the media knew then what we all know now…things would have ended much differently.
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