*Urban Legend - A form of modern folklore consisting of stories that may or may not have been believed by their tellers to be true.*

Halloween 2013

What happens when a group of young adults get together for a camping trip to the woods on Halloween? Death, death and more death yes...lots and lots of death. Or parties, drinking, drugs and sex, if they're lucky. Legends is a collection of known and little known ghost stories and urban myths as told through the eyes of a few friends on break from classes. It's all fun and games until a storm hits and suddenly the friends find themselves stranded in the woods with no means of communication. To pass the time until help arrives, they tell their scariest ghost stories. But something goes terribly wrong when the tales seem to take on a life of their own. Are they alone in the woods? Or is there some truth behind these Legends?

*The letters beside the episode indicates the POV per chapter.*

Day 01: The Hook Man - (A)
Day 02: Carmen Winstead
Day 03: The Clown Statue - (Z)
Day 04: Lights Out
Day 05: Humans Can Lick Too - (E)
Day 06: Roommates
Day 07: The Briefcase - (R)
Day 08: The Choking Doberman
Day 09: Killer in the Backseat  - (K)
Day 10: The Honeymoon
Day 11: Bloody Mary - (C)
Day 12: Working Overtime
Day 13: The Boyfriend - (J)
Day 14: The Funhouse Mirror
Day 15: Bride-and-Seek - (A)
Day 16: Strange Neighbors
Day 17: The Babysitter - (Z)
Day 18: Black Aggie
Day 19: The Lady in White
Day 20: Milk Bottles
Day 21: Soul Collector - (A)
Day 22: Where's My Liver?
Day 23: Baby Blue
Day 24: Kidney Thieves - (Z)
Day 25: The Porcelain Doll
Day 26: Stranger at the Door - (E)
Day 27: The Fatal Tan
Day 28: The Smith Sisters
Day 29: The Lonely Dancer - (R)
Day 30: The Nurse
Day 31: The Masked Man - (A, Z, E, R, K, C, J)

If you fell in love with Zach and Abigail and wished their story had an ending, wish no longer. Now you can relive their magical union and celebrate with them as they find love in the most hopeless of places in The Midnight Kiss.

(Sorry I was channeling Disney there.)