Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Casting Call: 27 Days Left...

It has been two months since the outbreak that destroyed the town of Cabot Creek began. Two months since my life had any semblance of normalcy. I live each day with the single hope that someday there will be a cure. Someday the world will recover from this. Someday it’ll all get better…

They control the city now. The dead outnumber the living. A plague that’s reached as far as Texas. Their endless drawling has become background music to life. The rotting stench of death they carry with them is pervasive. It’s everywhere. There is no escaping it…or them. This is life now.

I’ve forgotten what it’s like to live without fear; fear of the unknown, fear of every sound I hear, fear of the light, fear of the dark but most of all, fear of becoming one of them. I’ve watched countless friends, family and neighbors fall one-by-one to the mindlessly feasting hordes of zombies that now walk the streets. I’ve seen whole neighborhoods burn, historic buildings demolished and dozens of planes fall out of the sky. 

It came out of nowhere. No one was prepared. Nothing could have predicted the tragedies that would occur. The overwhelming and catastrophic event that devastated the nation forever making it unsafe to even step outside…or trust.

Neighbors and friends once seen as allies and confidantes have now become your worst enemies. The only thing that keeps me moving into the next day is the single hope that someday there will be a cure. Someday the world will recover. Someday…

Prepare yourselves. The world as you know it is over.


To submit a character, please fill out the following form and email it to:
~ Daijah ~ (Feel free to contact me with questions)
If you are uncomfortable using email, feel free to send to me via my Tumblr.

Character name: 
Biographical information: (Optional)
Special Qualities/Skills: (Optional)
General Mood: (Always perky or Oscar the Grouch?)
Random number 1-6: Enter any number from 1-6 here. Ultimately it is your dice roll that will spawn your character into a specific group. (e.g. Zombie, Scientist, Survivor etc.) Spawning as zombie can mean you will be a zombie when first seen/introduced or that you will be killed early on and become one.
Sim File (S3P or Package): Please note CC is acceptable, however, the Sim would have to be submitted in S3P form to keep most (if not all) CC intact. To be sure your Sim is received as created, please include a photo of the Sim as well as a zip of the CC used.

Please limit your submissions to two (2) characters max. If submitting more than one (1) character, please note their relationship if one is present (i.e. friends, lovers, roommates.)

**Submissions MUST be received no later than Tuesday, March 01, 2016.**

Please be sure to include a valid email or alternative form of contact (Tumblr) so that a confirmation of approval or any additional information needed can be sent and/or requested. Once a character has been approved they will be added to the Biography page for Extinction.

The same rules from Halloween 2015 apply to characters joining the cast of Extinction. Meaning the lives and deaths of each character will rest solely in the hands of the readers. If you want your character to survive vote well and vote often!

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