Twisted Tales

2011's Halloween Tale. Eleven friends meet up at a manor for a getaway planned by one of them. In hopes of relaxing and forgetting about their real life woes, they prepare for a month long event that would help put their minds at ease. Except when they arrive, they discover that one friend's twisted sense of humor has them staying at an abandoned house where several murders have occurred. Strange things start to happen as one by one they are accosted by things that go bump in the night and the friends soon realize that they were better off just staying home.

01: The Sandman
02: Nightmare
03: Manor House
04: Into the Shadows
05: Grave Dancers
06: Eyes in the Dark
07: Creeper
08: Soul Stealers
09: Death Knocks Once
10: The Black Cat
11: Scorned
12: Darkness Calls
13: From Beyond
14: Dead Men Tell No Tales
15: When the Fog Rolls In
16: The Condemned
17: Dark Destiny
18: Abandoned
19: Fade to Black
20: Darkness Immortal
21: Fear Itself
22: The Forgotten
23: Resurrected
24: Asylum
25: The Forgotten Path
26: No Rest For the Wicked
27: Still Waters
28: Omen
29: Fractured
30: The Vampire's Lair
31: House of Pain

Halloween 2012
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