Outbreak Biographies

Name: Georgia Small
Age: 26
Traits: Animal Lover, Green Thumb, Eco-Friendly, Friendly, Vegetarian
Specialty: Botany

Georgia Small was born and raised in the nearby farming town of Anders. From the early age of 8, she had an interest in gardening and plant life. And now with a working knowledge of all things flora, Georgia is able to locate viable foods within the forest in order to survive.

Sim by: Wibs

Name: Fadil Görkem
Age: 27
Traits: Ambitious, Bookworm, Brooding, Computer Whiz, Handy
Specialty: Gadgetry

Fadil is a quiet, reflective, and idealistic young man who is very interested in serving humanity. He lives in the moment and is very laid back unless threatened. Called “Macgyver” at work, Fadil is a technological genius with the capabilities of building something from nothing.

Sim by: Lunararc

Name: Richard Dietrich
Age: 46
Traits: Brave, Charismatic, Disciplined, Perceptive, Workaholic
Specialty: Crisis Management

It’s not only his specialty, it’s his job. For the better part of a decade, Richard has worked as the Senior Executive for the Department of Health and Human Services. As such, he served as the focal point in managing and directing FDA’s response to emergency, security and safety situations involving FDA regulated products, as well as providing leadership and guidance to FDA for all aspects of physical and personnel security, including the suitability and National Security Information program.

Sim by: Fanaskher

Name: Nina Young
Age: 10
Traits: Shy, Loves The Outdoors, Clumsy
Specialty: Gatherer

Nina is a quiet girl who was just trying to get comfortable in her new town. She and her parents moved to Cabot Creek when her father Johnathan got a promotion. She and her mother were out on a girl scout trip when her troop was attacked. Ninas mothers quick thinking saved her life but sadly her mother was not so lucky.

Sim by: Jazen

Name: Johnathan Young
Age: 37
Traits: Friendly, Hates Outdoors, Heavy Sleeper, Workaholic, Lucky
Specialty: Leadership

Johnathan Young is CEO and lead project manager at the Cabot Creek branch of BioCore. His job had always been his first priority which is why he missed the calls from his wife as she tried to let him know they were in trouble. He was in a board meeting working on containment and a PR spin. Now, his daughters safety is his first priority and he will protect her at all cost.

Sim by: Jazen

Name: Reggie Kemp
Age: 35
Traits: Athletic, Charismatic, Gatherer, Hot-Headed, Natural Cook
Specialty: Meal Prep

Reggie has worked as an Executive Chef for 12 years, 5 of which has been in his own restaurant Reggies Kitchen. He has the ability to create large scale meals with marginal ingredients. His flare for flavor and mouth-watering recipes keep customers coming back for more.

Sim by: Simstaplease

Name: Elise Chun
Age: 22
Traits: Cat Person, Genius, Computer Whiz, Charismatic, and Excitable
Specialty: Electronics

Elise Chun grew up in Cabot Creek. An only child of Chinese and Irish descent, her parents worked long hours so she learned to fend for herself at an early age. Her near genius-level IQ and bubbly disposition belie her street smarts, a product of spending much of her adolescence exploring the city alone.

Sim by: Iggysaurus-Rex

Name: Jake Mason
Age: 24
Traits: Athletic, Coward, Flirty, Mean-Spirited, Vehicle Enthusiast
Specialty: Physical strength

Jake Mason was a name to be feared in high school. The veritable school bully, he made it a mission to tease and taunt everyone deemed less fortunate. Because of his inflated sense of self-importance and mean-spirited nature, its hard to pinpoint what exactly Jake brings to the group.

Sim by: Lunararc

Name: Katrina Jordan
Age: 18
Traits: Adventurous, Animal Lover, Dramatic, Good Sense of Humor, Kleptomaniac
Specialty: Resourcefulness

Katrina was born and raised in Cabot Creek. She enjoys being the life of the party and bringing smiles to the faces of her friends. Always up to try new things, Katrina never lets a little thing like ‘rightful ownership’ stop her.

Sim by: Jazen

Name: Josh Mojica
Age: 19
Traits: Athletic, Brave, Handy, Light Sleeper, Rebellious
Specialty: Building/Tinkering

Josh grew up in the city of Bridgeport and moved to Cabot Creek to attend college with his cousin Katrina. Majoring in computer science, Josh has always had a knack for taking things apart to see how they worked and then trying to improve upon the design.

Sim by: Jazen

Name: Lorelei Lester
Age: 23
Traits: Absent-Minded, Diva, Party Animal, Snob, Social Butterfly
Specialty: Fashion Sense

Lorelei is the daughter of communications tycoon Victor Lester. After trying her hand at modeling, she realized hard work was not for her. She enjoys spending most of her time on her family’s yacht in the middle of the Mediterranean. Her favorite past time is spending her Daddy’s money.

Sim by: Simsgal2227

Name: Natalie Scott
Age: 33
Traits: Friendly, Good, Hopeless Romantic, Neat, Nurturing
Specialty: First Aid

Natalie has worked as a nurse in the Cabot Creek Medical Center for the past 6 years. She is good-natured and smart. With a strong work ethic and a need to put others first, Natalie is always ready and able to help mend the injured.

Sim by: Lunararc

Name: Matthew Danner
Age: 34
Traits: Brooding, Loner, Loves the Outdoors, Socially Awkward, Technophobe
Specialty: Weapons Expert

Matthew is a long-standing member of the Cabot Creek Survivalists, a militia group concerned with the safety, security and future of the Untied States of America and Cabot Creek. In the event of martial law, civil unrest or any other declared emergencies the militia is the response to secure the safety and prosperity of the people.

Sim by: J-Julsims

Name: Liz Parnell
Age: 25
Traits: Artistic, Friendly, Heavy Sleeper, Natural Born Performer, Star Quality
Specialty: Loud screaming

Liz is a singer/songwriter/actress. An actress since the age of 6, she branched out into the world of music after her Disney Channel show ended amid controversy. Nude shots of her on the set of Lizs World surfaced on the internet. Since then, Liz has auditioned for several movies and is still waiting on her break in the big time.

Sim by: Simsgal2227 

Name: Dominic Bryant
Age: 32
Traits: Brave, Family Oriented, Flirty, Great Sense of Humor, Handy
Specialty: Construction

Tired of his living situation, Dominic ran away from home at age 13. The jack-of-all-trades, he learned quickly what to do in order to survive on the streets alone. At the age of 27 he lost his mother from a drug overdose and became the sole family and legal guardian of his then 9-year-old brother Jeremiah. Now, he works two jobs to support him and make sure his brother is taken care of.

Sim by: J-Julsims

Name: Troy Brunner
Age: 31
Traits: Ambitious, Frugal, Neat, Neurotic, Perfectionist
Specialty: Medical Knowledge

Troy worked as an analyst for the Internal Revenue Service. He is book smart and good with numbers. A boy scout as a child, Troy worked his way up to Eagle scout but has since forgotten much of his wilderness training. He does, however, remembers a trip to Camp Tanuga. A scout severely injured his hand while building a birdhouse. The blood loss scared him as a child but he learned a lot about mending wounds. Ever since, he has maintained a small pocket of medical knowledge.

Sim by: Fishali

Name: Avery Gallagher
Age: 28
Traits: Athletic, Daredevil, Handy, Lucky, Vehicle Enthusiast
Specialty: Auto Mechanic Knowledge

Avery is a stunt double who has his own YouTube channel called I Dare You where he films himself accepting challenges posted by his fans. Everything from insane jumps on a motor scooter from one building to the next to motorcycle flips off an overpass onto a movie truck, Avery has done it all. He is hyped as the best thing since ‘Jackass’.

Sim by: Little Pascals

Name: JC Crystal
Age: 24
Traits: Adventurous, Athletic, Brave, Good Sense of Humor, Light Sleeper
Specialty: First Aid

JC works as an EMT for the Cabot Creek Fire Department. Trained in all fields of personal injury and medical conditions, JC knows the phrase “under pressure” all too well. He has seen his share of emergency response calls and administered first-aid treatment and life-support care in some of the craziest situations.

Sim by: PopulationSims

Name: Veronica Meier
Age: 29
Traits: Angler, Animal Lover, Eco-Friendly, Gatherer, Hopeless Romantic
Specialty: Fishing

As a child, Veronica spent many weekends on the river with her father fishing. From him, she learned patience, the perfect bait for every type of fish and the importance of knowing your target.

Sim by: Wibs

Name: Kurt Roderick
Age: 30
Traits: Couch Potato, Flirty, Hot-Headed, Mooch, Slob
Specialty: Physical Strength

Flunking out of pilot school, Kurt has spent the better part of his life lounging around his parents home, eating all of their food and spending up their lifes savings. Unable to muster enough fortitude to find a job, these days you can find him outside the liquor store yelling obscenities at women as they pass.

Sim by: J-Julsims

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