Outbreak Bloopers

In order to achieve a real zombie effect for Outbreak, I went door-to-door in the town of Roseward and made every resident a zombie. I wanted to make it so that if a sim were to pop up at the wrong time during “filming” that they would not take the audience out of the story by appearing well…alive. 

What I didn’t expect and hadn’t planned for were the numerous times those random sims would appear behind me (the camera) or my sims and scare the bejebus out of me (not even kidding).
Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite blooper shots with you.

I built a barricade and they came out into the hall to cheer. (I think they liked the idea of the group being trapped inside with them...easier to hunt.)

This one seriously walked into the room, circled around Lorelei and walked out (yes, that is my wang, Lorelei, how kind of you to notice!)

How to fail bed.

They got hungry and the group was blocking the vending machines. Arguments ensued.

The look on his face haha. “You're not coming in here! Have a nice death.”

You're supposed to be putting the fire out! “Fire? What fire?”

Talk about “fire crotch!” (And I think Fadil enjoyed that!)

The hospital was a real hub of activity. Lots of Sims seemed to like hanging out there. (Not quite sure why.)

They were even caring enough to adopt pets!

Then there were the Zombies employed in everyday jobs!

And let’s not forget the number of Zombie Couples Story-Progression hooked up!

He moved on fast.


  1. That fire crotch picture is beautiful!

    Is it just me, or does it seem like wang-zombie and doctor-zombie at the hospital are in some sort of very complicated relationship with each other? They seem to be having a lovers' quarrel, not long after being so excited over that barricade...

    1. Thank you :D

      Haha they certainly are! I don't think she appreciates him walking naked and showing the world what she owns :P