You were there when they attacked now see how it all began! Origin is the prequel to 2015’s Outbreak. The story takes a look at how the apocalypse started through the eyes of its first victims. Travel along with new survivors, new stories and new adventures through a world that’s crumbling around them. 

“Origin” is a two-part series. The first half tells of the start of the Zombie Apocalypse and how the disease spread so quickly. The second half, “Quarantine,” starts another group of survivors in the streets of Fairhaven. Will they make it out alive?



BioCore, the leader in Pharmaceutical and Medical Engineering since 1991. BioCore is on the verge of a breakthrough discovery that will change the face of disease forever. But when the overworked staff causes a mishap in the lab, the future of the entire world hangs in the balance. A simple error in judgement has released a deadly toxin on the unsuspecting populace of Fairhaven and it’s turning them all into mindless, flesh craving lunatics!

01: Natural Selection
02: Setbacks
03: Deadly Vices
04: Critical Mass
05: Cover Up


Quarantine” (First Person Perspective)

The events at the BioCore headquarters in Fairhaven left the city in ruins. Dozens of citizens fled for their lives while others remained trapped behind a military constructed barricade. Locked off from the rest of the world and inside a town where hundreds of walking dead roam the streets the survivors of a massive reactor explosion do their best to make it to the next day. Can they battle hordes of the undead and survive long enough to find a cure or will the body count in Fairhaven continue to rise?

01: Affliction
02: Daybreak
03: Lights Out
04: Evacuation
05: Outbreak

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