Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Day 07: A Game of Survival

“What was that?” Veronica asked, turning quickly towards the sound.

“Probably a fucking cat,” Kurt grumbled, barely looking up from his cup. “It’s always a fucking cat in the movies,” he laughed.

“Someone should probably go see,” Richard replied, glancing towards JC.

“Why you looking at me? You suggested it, YOU go see. Kurt’s ass over there talking about scary movies and shit. Brothers never last in those situations ESPECIALLY if they go investigating strange noises like a dumbass. Thank you but no thank you,” he waved him off and pointed to the floor. “I’m staying my ass right here.”

Dominic threw his head back and laughed. He took in the faces of the group and shook his head. “Damn. It’s a shame yall got my ass tied to this chair otherwise, I’d go.”

“Don’t listen to him. He’s just trying to trick us into cutting him loose,” Kurt moaned.

“It’s not a trick! What the hell would I gain from being untied to walk unarmed into some pitch black room? Seriously, man, think before you speak. Better yet, stay your ass over there in the liquor cabinet, the grownups are talking.”

“Don’t make me get up from here.”

“Try me! Your loser ass sucker punched me before. Let’s see how you do man-to-man!” Dominic replied, jerking against his binds.

“Cut him loose,” Richard motioned to Veronica who swiftly went to work untying the ropes.

“Idiots, the whole lot of you,” Kurt again retorted from his position on the ground.

“Thank you!” Dominic sprang to his feet and skimmed the shelves beside him. He grabbed a flashlight and a pack of C batteries from one aisle before moving up another and grabbing a screwdriver.

“What do you expect to do with that wimpy, little thing?”

“Imma gut you with it in a second.”

“Don’t listen to him, Dominic, Kurt’s just trying out a line he’s heard from so many women,” Veronica smirked, coming to his rescue. She too collected a flashlight and fresh batteries and started after him.

“Thanks,” he winked.


“Are you sure you wanna do this? You saw how crazy those things are.”

“Oh no I’m sure I don’t want to do this. But I also don’t see anyone else volunteering and I’m not about to let you go in there alone.”

“You’re a brave girl, Roni.”

“That’s what my dad always said,” Veronica smiled and clicked on her flashlight. 

“Stay behind me,” he whispered over his shoulder. Dominic pushed the door open slowly. The hinge groaned as the barrel rolled over the pivot and the two stepped inside. Very little light shone in the stockroom making them really dependent on their flashlights. The room appeared empty at first glance but something wasn’t right here.

Hearing what sounded like footsteps coming from the back of the room, he motioned for Veronica to shut off her light and stay close. Together, they inched forward, avoiding the overstuffed shelving and inventory cluttering the floor. 

An uneasy sensation fell over Dominic. He could feel eyes on him. They were most definitely not alone. His pulse ramped up. Shit. He instantly regretted volunteering for this task and found himself grateful for the company. The floorboard near the back wall groaned again. Once. Twice. Three times.

Dominic froze—his breath hitched. Veronica gripped him tightly. Her heart thundered in her chest. Slowly, he turned to face the direction of the sound, straining to hear. His pulse pounded rapidly in his ears and his fingers tightened around the rubber grip of the screwdriver.

That was when he saw it. A figure in the corner near the window. A reflection?

He whipped around, a cry broke from Veronica’s lips and he quickly slammed a hand over her mouth.

Nothing. Not a thing. His pulse roared, and confusion rushed through him. Dominic tossed a glance back to the window No one was there. Veronica exhaled loudly. “It was nothing,” he said. She smiled at him, coming to the same conclusion. “Come on, let’s get back to—”

Fingers closed around his ankle and a hand grabbed the back of Veronica’s head. She screamed.

Dominic turned and hastily stomped at the tiny fingers until they released him. 

He charged forward, tackling the man away from Veronica. Without hesitation, he plunged the screwdriver deep into the man’s skull. Again. And again. He stopped struggling. Blood splattered against the wall and Dominic rolled away. “Roni, are you ok?”

“Yeah, I think…”


“Miah?” The teenager rushed towards Dominic, clutching his hand against his chest. Shit. His arms closed around his brother and he sighed with relief. “You were in here the whole time? Didn’t you hear me calling for you?”

“I did but I couldn’t say anything. I didn’t want them to get me.”

“Them? I only saw one.”

“LOOKOUT!” Veronica yelled. A second zombie was barreling towards them! Thinking quickly, Dominic kicked at the shelf in front of him. It came crashing down. The man was trapped. Retrieving his screwdriver, Dominic climbed atop the metal support and drove the tool as deep as he could.

“Please tell me that was all of them,” he sighed, glancing at his baby brother. Jeremiah nodded and Dominic jumped down.

“Well looky here,” Kurt commented in a singsong manner. “Isn’t that the little punk you were trying to make us all fish food over?”

Ignoring Kurt’s dig, Dominic turned to the rest of the group. “I saw a lever back there for steel shutters.”

“Shutters?” Richard asked, stepping forward. “What kind of shutters?”

“The kind used to brace windows in case of hurricane or the type storeowners use for security.”

“And where did you learn that?” Kurt asked, finally getting to his feet. “No, wait, let me guess: through your extensive career of knocking over 7-11’s.”

“I’m in construction, asshole. Anyway, Miah said he saw another large group heading our way. If that’s the case, we could use the extra security. The only problem is the lever is stuck. Someone would have to go outside and manually pull them down.”

“Oh no,” Veronica sighed and glanced around the room. 

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*Author’s note: It was never established whether or not the brother would be alive or dead upon his return. But since someone decided to put that in the “other” section, I let the kid live.*


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  1. Where is the vote option for the useless drunkard Kurt??? His ass needs to be the first to go, he'll be too drunk to run. LOL

    Yay for Dom finding his brother. :) It's nice that he was smart, hid, and wasn't eaten by the zombies.

    1. LOL Too drunk to run translates to too drunk to pull the shutters and the zombies would likely still get in. that you mention it, that is a great option! Remember, you can always do that "other" vote. And in this case, I'm sure others would agree.

      Oh yeah. Dom taught him well. Miah's saved (woo!) but for how long? No I'm kidding...or am I? Dun, dun, dunnnn!

      Thank you for reading :)

  2. Whatever option works for me as long as they tie Kurt up afterwards.

    1. Hahaha Kurt doesn't sound long for this world! He better straighten up or else it's zombie meat for him! could be too late :P

      Thank you for reading :)