Friday, October 23, 2015

Day 23: Serenity Prayer

“I don’t see him!” Veronica said, peering out the slats of the shutters. Panic set in. The zombies were covering both sides of the building making it impossible to open either door for Dominic. “This is your fault you son of a bitch!” Veronica yelled in Richard’s direction. She stormed away from the door and back-handed him as hard as she could. Richard’s eyes shut and he kept his mouth closed as he licked the split on his lip while struggling in the binds of the rope. “If he gets hurt, you’re next!”

“This is bullshit, why don’t we just throw him outside right now?” Jeremiah suggested, standing closed-fist beside the businessman.

“Because that won’t save Dominic, Miah. We need to figure out how to get him inside or at the very least, kill off a group of those monsters,” Veronica replied before shuffling off to the window again.

“There are too many of them now,” JC said. “They’re coming from everywhere!”

“What do you suppose is attracting them here?”

“Hard to say. Memory maybe? Maybe they can sense life or even smell us inside. Either way, I sure hope Dom’s found a place to hide.”

She turned her attention to the growing number of undead outside and sighed. Everything appeared hopeless. Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, she saw a head pop up from the backseat of a parked car. “THERE!” Veronica exclaimed. “He’s in the car right there!”

Jeremiah rushed over, anxious to take a look. He, too, noticed the slightly visible top of his brother’s head and sighed with relief. “I knew it. I knew he could do it.”

“Now the only question is, how do we get him before the zombies realize he’s still out there?” JC asked, looking around the store as he thought over their options.

“We could do like we did for you,” Jeremiah started. “Climb up to the roof and make a lot of noise so that they’re attracted to the sound. Maybe if we’re loud enough, they’ll move to the back so we can get him inside.”

“That could work,” Veronica agreed, a small ounce of hope growing inside her. “We can do this!”

“The only problem with that is how do you plan on signaling him to let him know to run?” Richard chimed in from his seat near the wall.

“No one’s talking to you!” Jeremiah snapped. “He wouldn’t be out there right now if you weren’t such a chicken shit!”

“He’s right though,” JC replied. “How will Dom know it’s safe to head over?”

“We’ll have to try and signal him. Flashlight maybe or just call to him when the shutters come up,” Veronica suggested.

“Any noise might attract unwanted attention, calling to him would be bad. And I don’t know how he’d see the small glow of a flashlight with his head down like that. No. Someone’s gonna have to go out there once the shutters are drawn and grab him,” JC responded, crossing his arms into his chest. “It’s the only way I think this could work.”

“Yeah but there are only three of us. With Miah on the shutters and you on the roof to distract them…”

“I’ll go,” JC said. “If we can get them to…” The sound of glass shattering and loud hammering froze the trio in place.

“Oh my god,” Veronica gasped, taking a look outside again. “It’s too late. They’ve found him!”

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  1. UGH Richard. Why is he still breathing??? I'm with Miah, throw his ass there and let him take his chances. Man, he's really a useless use of oxygen!

    I'm glad Dom has found a place to hide out. Hopefully he'll be safe there so that the group can figure out how to get him back inside.

    1. Do you want him to die before Dominic has a go at him? How fun would that be? Plus...I kinda like having an antagonist around O.o

      One can only speculate as to how safe that car will be...he's been discovered. So it's only a matter of time before those creeps get in! Stay froggy, Dom!

      Thank you for reading :)

  2. Urgh, choices! I don't want him to die, but the odds aren't good if they already found him. Keep running, Dom!

    Also, I don't trust Richard not to scoot around in the chair. Tie him to something immobile!

    1. Great advice! He's shown himself capable of handling them in one-on-one but with the looks of that crowd, anything can happen.

      Hahaha that would be wise. But Miah is watching him and I'm sure if he got an idea to attack, Roni or JC would GLADLY put him in his place!

      Thank you for reading :)