Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Day 14: Sticky Situation

“We don’t have weapons! We can’t fight them all!” Fadil shouted as he checked the security monitors again. “There are too many of them.”

“Why are they all coming here?” Liz asked, moving beside Fadil. “What do they want?”

“Weren’t you listening earlier?” Fadil sighed and turned to face the group. “We’re their food source. They’re probably guessing the best place to feed is a restaurant.”

“Great! That’s just fucking great!”

“Daddy, are they gonna get inside? Are they going to hurt us like they hurt Mommy?”

“No, baby, I won’t let anyone hurt you. I promise.” Johnathan kissed Nina’s forehead and moved towards the others. “We have to fortify this place, it’s the only way.

“How?” Liz asked. “It’s a restaurant. I’m sure there’s not much in the way of tools around this place.”

“She’s right,” Reggie agreed. “At least not inside. There’s a maintenance tool shed around back. It might have what we need to get this place boarded up.”

“No. No, no, no absolutely not,” Liz quickly rejected the idea before Reggie even suggested it. “There’s no way any of us are going out there. Are you crazy? The roof was bad enough. It’s not safe. Look at those monitors. Those things are coming here in droves. It won’t be too long before they’re on top of us!”

“Liz, you’re scared, I get that, we all are. But wouldn’t it be better to at least be protected against any attack? At least for the time being.”

She thought a moment, continuously shaking her head before finally nodding yes. “Fine. But if we’re doing this we need to do it before they get to the doors. Otherwise…”

“Otherwise there would be no point,” Fadil replied. “Alright, you and I will head out to the shed.”

“Me? Why me? I’m an actress I don’t…” she sighed and gave up the argument before it even began. Seeing the look of fear on Nina’s face was answer enough. “Will we need a key to the shed or is it unlocked?”

Reggie moved towards the desk and pulled a small brass key from the center drawer. “Be careful. I don’t know how fast these things move so you better stay on your guard the entire time. I’ll wait at the door to let you inside. But if it’s too dangerous, if you think it might not be worth the risk, get back here as swiftly as possible.”

“Thanks.” Fadil followed Liz out of the room. Taking a deep breath, he threw open the back door and together, they sprinted quickly towards the shed. “Hurry,” he said as Liz fumbled with the lock to open it.

Finally they were in. “Alright grab anything that will help get that place boarded up and get it back to the restaurant.” They worked fast. While Fadil grabbed large two by fours, pallets and lumber, Liz gathered up nails, screws, drills and hammers. Everything was placed at the back door where Johnathan and Reggie worked together to get it all inside.

“Is that it? Is that everything?” Liz asked, taking another look around the room.

“I don’t know. It might be enough. If anything we can at least get that back door and the employee’s lounge secured,” Fadil replied, also giving the room one last look. “Ok, let’s head back in…”

“OH MY GOD! My phone!” she yelled excitedly as she felt her cell buzzing in her pocket. “I have service!” Fadil quickly checked his own phone for bars as Liz answered the call. “Hello? Stanley?”

We have to move, now!

“Stanley?” she placed the call on speakerphone and Fadil moved closer to her side.

Run! They’re coming! Everybody get out of here!” They listened at the sounds of a large crowd running and knocking over objects in their way. Shrill screams were constant in the background as Stanley continued yelling at people to get away.

No…please, god…no!” He screamed and the phone went dead.

“I think—my…my agent was just killed,” she said, staring at the device in her hand. “I don’t believe this. Stanley has been with me since I was on the Disney channel. Oh my god,” she moaned as tears began to fall. More moaning. Liz cried harder, bracing herself against the wall. Fadil went stiff as he realized the sounds were coming from outside.

“Quiet, Liz, we have company.” Fadil inched closer to the door and put his ear against it. He listened for movement, exhaling in relief when he heard nothing. “I think they’re…” Before he could finish his sentence the burst open. Quickly Fadil threw himself against it. Liz screamed and looked around for a weapon.

“Shit. We’re trapped.”

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  1. So...neither of them seemed to act with any urgency. Just hanging out, she's taking phone calls. LOL they both need to get eaten. Just sayin. :) They should have gotten in and gotten back to the building.

    1. Haha when I was working on this one I thought "Hmm, what's a very horror movie stupid thing to do?" found it ;)

      I don't think either of them realize what they've gotten themselves into!

      Thank you for reading :)

  2. What the...? Liz is there taking phone calls from her *agent*? JFC I hate to break it to you but your career is over. The audience is dead. And then to compound the stupidity the dumb bint put it on SPEAKER so all the zombies would know they were there!!!

    I voted for the lawnmower because that would be awesome to see but I'm happy with any scenario where this silly cow bites the dust.

    1. LOL! She's not working with a full deck there. That was as birdbrained as it could get. She and Fadil are now up to their knees in zombie football players and they'll have to do the one thing they didn't want to in order to get back to the restaurant in one piece!

      Haha I could just see Fadil making body parts fly on that thing. Blood and guts and brains and bones everywhere! Oh man, Reggie would have been pissed!

      Thank you for reading :D