Friday, October 9, 2015

Day 09: Plagued

“KILL HIM! HURRY!” Elise shouted from her spot in the corner. Phil had become extremely agitated, his unintelligible grunts and gurgles were beginning to distress her. The noise inside caused an almost equal reaction outside as moans of the gathering horde could be heard through the walls.

“There’s more of them on the porch,” Katrina announced, rushing through the house and shutting off all the lights. “We need to do something damn it!”

“Jake!” Elise whined.

He stepped forward and reared back, preparing to swing. “NO!” Georgia yelled. She stepped in front of Jake and he stopped mid motion.

“Look, lady, it’s four against one for getting Phil the hell out of this house. He’s not human. I don’t know what I have to do to get that through your thick skull but this is happening!” he snapped and shoved her out of the way. Georgia pushed back, again stepping in front of her neighbor.

“I said no!”

“ARGH!” Jake shouted and Josh quickly grabbed him by the arm as he prepared to swing on Georgia this time.

“Not like this,” Josh calmly stated and turned to face Georgia. “I know you two are friends. But as his friend, you’ve gotta see that Phil is not himself. You’ve seen the video. These people…they’re like something out of a horror movie.”

“Zombies!” Jake shouted behind him. “They’re fucking dead people!”

“They’re infected, Georgia. And it would be best if we took care of him now before he infects the rest of us too.” 

“Fine, just, give me a minute.” She paced back and forth, keeping a close eye on Jake. His edginess was getting to her. “Not him. I’ll do it. I know him, I can…AHH!” Georgia screamed. In her desire to address Jake and his growing impatience, she’d turned her back on her neighbor and he seized the opportunity to attack. Her arm was clamped between his teeth. She shouted in agony for the others to pull him off. Josh moved first. Grabbing Phil by the shoulders, he tugged. But it only provoked the man and he bit down harder.

Georgia screamed again. Blood squirted from the torn flesh and she slapped at his face to tear him off. “Help me, please!” she shrieked. Jake swung his crowbar, slamming down hard on Phil’s head. This time, he released. A flap of skin slipped from between his lips, falling to the floor with a wet plop.

Georgia quickly hurried to the first aid kit. Tearing it open, she ripped off a large strip of gauze and wrapped her arm tightly. “It won’t stop bleeding!” she whined.

Jake moved in. Raising the crowbar, he swung hard one last time. Phil stopped moving. Blood stained the white curtains and all eyes turned to Georgia. “Oh man. He got her, he fucking got her!” Jake expressed, pacing behind Josh who stood between them. “You know what we gotta do.”

“What? No! Please. I’ll be fine,” Georgia sobbed. “Please. I don’t want to die.”

“Well that’s too bad. I warned you, lady! Everyone would have been fine if you would have just listened in the first place! You can’t stay in here, not with that bite on your arm. You have a choice to make. A, we can throw your ass outside and let the others take care of you. Or B, I can end you right here, right now. It will hurt but it’ll be a lot less brutal than what those cannibals will do to you out there. Either way, you’re as good as dead. A or B, what’s it gonna be?”

“I—I don’t…”

“What’s it gonna be?”

“I DON’T KNOW!” she shouted and moved away from him. Her crying became louder and she tried to reconcile her emotions. Is this how it ends? She wasn’t ready to die. There was still so much to do. Looking around the room it became obvious the others would not let her stay. She laughed at the silliness of the idea. It was her house and she was being thrown out of it.

“This is pointless,” Jake groaned and started towards her.

“Wait.” Georgia backed away and opened the glass door leading to her greenhouse. Collecting a small ax from beside the door, she paced back towards the others. “Use this.” Georgia’s hands shook as she offered up the weapon that would end her. Jake looked at her a bit confused but said nothing. “Please, be quick.”

He nodded and moved over her as she kneeled. He briefly glanced at the others. A somber mood befell the room. Lifting the ax above his head, Jake swiftly brought it down once. A visceral screech pierced the air. “I can’t watch,” Elise gagged and turned away. Jake swung again. This time, blood and hair stuck to the end of the blade.

Jake delivered one final blow. Georgia fell flat.

The screaming stopped but the blood kept flowing.

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*Author’s note: As you can see, it was a tie. So in order to satisfy both parties, I went with the suggestion of our Australian friend since it involved both Georgia and Jake.*


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  1. Welp, could have lived had you listened. Seriously I don't understand how in the hell she tried to rationalize Phil being save worthy. That man was dead then popped back up, what the hell was she thinking???? Sorry she had to die and it was kinda funny she was being thrown out of her own house in a way. :( Jake, he became non-useless, that's good. He has 2 kills under his belt now.

    1. Hahaha now you sound like Jake. He was such a cold-hearted bastard there but I can't blame him. He doesn't want to die. Hell, he abandoned his girlfriend! There was no way he was letting Georgia live LOL.

      And Georgia...yeah. She seemed to lose all grip of reality there as she pled for her neighbor's life. Such a sad ending for her but she really should have listened to reason!

      Jake's getting a knack for it. He was reluctant at first (mostly self-preservation and not wanting to get bit) but he came around. Now if we can just get Elise to stop hiding and help too!

      Was that extra space there because you were gonna say something else? (spaces!)

      Thank you for reading :)

  2. There's always one in every group who wants to put everyone else's lives at risk to try and 'save' the dead. Bye Georgia. And then of course there is one who is either so selfish or single-minded who will always default to do WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE. And so it becomes clear what value Jake brings to the group. At least until his selfishness becomes just as great a risk to the group as the zombies. But by then, other members of the group have adjusted to their new circumstances and are realistic about what needs to be done themselves.

    But they won't need both Jake and Kurt in the long run, being such similar characters so one of them is definitely expendable in the near future. Probably Kurt because of his drinking.

    I am way too into this :P

    (Also, was Phil a 'neighbour-with-benefits'?? She seemed irrationally determined to save him. I like my neighbours but not THAT much).

    1. LOL I didn't think of that. Phil might have been with benefits. So what if he was married, people do have affairs...I like my neighbors, but not more than my own life.

    2. Yep! Those are more dangerous than the actual zombies because they will continue to do foolish, reckless things that endanger the group. (Ugh, Ed from Shaun of the Dead just popped into my head. I wanted him dead for most of the movie.) Anyway, you always need a pro-lifer that will see human beings being slaughtered even though they are you know...dead already. Georgia just took it to the extreme and paid dearly for it :P

      Haha you're right about that; someone's got to go (and could be soon o.O)

      And yes, they were having an affair :P Georgia let him in because of this reason and you can kinda see her excitement knowing his wife was dead. I didn't want to be crass so it's subtle, nice catch.

      Thank you for reading :)

    3. @Jazen, Lol! I don't even know my neighbor's names! It's so not like the neighborhood I grew up in where everybody knew everybody.

  3. Aww poor Georgia... even though she had it coming. I think I would have taken my chances against the horde of undead instead of putting my life's end in the hands of some self-indulging jackass and a rusty axe; but that's just me tho.

    Lol at Goatkibble, though. If there's ever a zombie apocalypse, I know better than to come knocking at your door for tea and a chat.

    1. It was sad to see her go but unfortunately she refused to listen to reason. The easy way to look at it is it's an apocalypse, not everyone will survive (at least I hope not O.o wait, is that bad? Um...hmm ignore that.) I don't know if I'd have preferred to be eaten and torn apart by the others. And I definitely would not want someone taking an ax to the back of my head. But I certainly would have wanted every last second that was mine. They could have locked her up somewhere and let her die on her own but...

      Hahaha Goatkibble does not want useless and unreasonable people in her group! If you don't know what to do she's kicking your butt to the curb :P

      Thank you for reading :)