Thursday, October 15, 2015

Day 15: A Grave Mistake

“Well that was easy. Now how the hell do we wake him before he becomes zombie chow?” Veronica asked, watching Kurt snoring soundly outside.

“Like this,” Dominic replied and began banging on the glass. “Wake up you piece of shit!” The others took point and everyone continued screaming for him until he started to stir.

“Kurt! Kurt!”

“Wha…” Lazily rubbing a hand across his face, Kurt finally opened his eyes and pulled himself up. When he fully came to he realized while in his drunken stupor, the others had placed him outside on top of a car parked in the lot. Nearly falling as he roused, he caught himself and shook off his dazed feeling. “Son of a bitch!” he growled and glared towards the front doors and the others frantically yelling for him.

“He’s coming this way. Miah, get ready to throw the shutters back,” Dominic instructed.

“I’m ready.”

“What the fuck is the matter with you people?” Kurt yelled as he approached. “You think this is funny? Is this some sort of game to you? Let me inside!”

“You said so yourself,” JC smirked, “The only way we were getting you out there is if we picked you up and threw you!”


“I wouldn’t scream too loudly,” Veronica warned. “You might make more of them come.” She motioned behind him and Kurt rushed the stairs.

“Miah, now!” The shutters came crashing down with a violent bang and the group listened as Kurt shouted and pounded his fists against the metal.


“The only way you’re coming back in here is if you take that extinguisher near your foot and put out that fire before it reaches us. Do that and THEN we’ll help you,” Richard said, ignoring the desperation in Kurt’s voice.

“Fuck you! I’m not going over there.”

“Then you’re not coming inside,” Dominic stated. “We left you a weapon in case things got hairy. And from the looks of it, you’re gonna need it.”

“Especially the way you’re shouting. The whole block might be heading towards you at this point,” Veronica added.

“You fucking motherfuckers! When I get in there, I’m tearing you all a new one.”

“Put out the fire, Kurt, then we’ll talk.”

Angrily, Kurt snatched up the extinguisher and made his way over to the burning vehicle. The fire was growing quickly out of control. Thick, dark blankets of smoke curled over it, choking him out as he neared. “Fucking assholes,” he muttered and pulled the nozzle back on the extinguisher. “You’re dead. Every last one of you sons of bitches.” 

“Help…” a rough sounding voice caught Kurt unguarded and he jumped back from the front of the car as he noticed a hand reaching up for him. “Help…” It was a man, as best he could tell, probably the owner of the vehicle. His clothing had been completely burned away. His skin was charred and still smoking; he was blistered and singed beyond all recognition and it was only a matter of minutes before he succumbed to his injuries. “Please…” he croaked again. A piece of metal has hooked around what was left of his leg; a seat buckle, Kurt guessed. While jumping to safety, he must have gotten tangled and the car continued rolling, dragging him along for the ride.

Kurt glanced at the tiny screwdriver the group had left for him to defend himself and laughed. “Assholes.” He moved forward and knelt at the man’s side. Quickly, he drove the tool through the man’s eye and twisted. A throttled breath left the man’s lips and his head lolled to the side. It was mercy, Kurt told himself. As he heading back to the store, movement in the trees caught his attention. He stopped and waited a moment, thinking it was his imagination. But the motion was soon followed by the unnerving groans of two undead, rapidly making their way towards him. “Shit.”

Kurt wasted no time putting his feet in motion. Rushing back down the road. “Miah, you ready?” Dominic yelled.


“Hurry, Kurt, move faster!” Richard yelled. Another three zombies joined the chase and Kurt turned as the sounds of their voracious growling grew louder.

He tripped! Landing face first on the pavement, Kurt rolled himself and quickly crab crawled backwards, keeping his eyes on the growing crowd of undead. “FUCK!” He tore himself from the ground and ran faster. “OPEN THE DOORS!” he shouted, still forty yards out. 

Dominic kept the door pulled shut, determined to not open it until Kurt made it to the stairs. “Start lowering the shutters slowly,” he directed his baby brother, watching the zombies gaining on Kurt.

“WAIT!” He furiously pumped his legs. Kurt made a mad dash, throwing himself at the opened door. Miah continued lowering the shutter until Dominic shouted for him to stop. He had just gotten his arms and torso through when he started moving backwards. “What the fuck!” Kurt screamed as he felt hands tugging on his legs. Dominic and Richard grabbed his outstretched arms and a tug of war ensued.

They gritted their teeth, desperate to keep a hold of him but the zombies proved too strong and Kurt still only had his upper torso, head and arms in relative safety. He shouted something unintelligible as the zombie’s patience evaporated and they began feasting on his legs. “Shit!” Miah, bring it down!” Dominic yelled and backed away from the thrashing Kurt.

Tendons and muscles were pulled and torn as the zombies greedily shoved pieces of him into their mouths. His ribs started to crack and snap from the weight of the shutter and Richard also fell back as he was proven defeated. Everyone backed away as Kurt started eliciting animal noises of agony followed by a gush of blood that oozed from his mouth. His arms flapped helplessly at the ground as he continued trying to pull himself forward but it was no use. The shutter had been lowered as far as it could, nearly severing him in half. The zombies gorged themselves on Kurt’s bottom half as more blood pumped under the door. Kurt gave one final gurgle before his head dropped to the floor.

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  1. Let the zombies eat him until they die of alcohol poisoning. The way Kurt was throwing 'em back, it won't take long!

    1. Hahaha let them chow down and throw a match out...then again, that might be bad, especially considering they felt the urgency with the car fire.

      Thank you for reading :)

  2. I actually laughed aloud when I saw they had dropped him outside in his drunken stupor. from the options above it seems that you really, really want Richard to get got so I'm going for B because I want to see some action!

    1. LOL what? Me? Haha but seriously I just thought it was time he was made to do something (like Kurt) since it's mostly been up to the other 3 people in the group. Like JC said, he has to get his hands dirty too at some point. >:)

      Thank you for reading :)

  3. hahahahah love Spladoum's comment! The zombies might get drunk by default with all the alcohol in his system. He never stood a chance, drunk bastard. That's what he gets for passing out. He needed to do something other than throw insults and get wasted. Now they are rid of him, well almost anyway.

    1. Haha I don't know if the group would have even thought about it had he not said it himself. But hey, he gave them the idea; they just went with it. And you're exactly right. He was constantly insulting the people fully responsible for his survival. They got sick of it. Not sure they intended to cause his death but meh...whaddaya gonna do, right?

      LOL almost :P

      Thank you for reading :D