Friday, October 16, 2015

Day 16: No One Can Hear You Scream

“Did I stop speaking English at some point or is everyone conveniently ignoring the words coming out of my mouth? I’m not going in there and getting myself killed! And I’m sorry, did it fail to grab your attention that there are bloody handprints on the door with even bloodier boot prints leading towards it? You people are insane!”

“YOU’RE NOT GOING TO…” Matthew growled and angrily stepped forward. Natalie placed a calming hand on his shoulder and took lead.

“Lorelei, you have a choice. You can shimmy your narrow hips and bulimic buns through that window or I can take Matt’s knife and put an end to your constant whining. And if you think for one second that I’m bluffing,” Natalie glanced back at Matthew and smiled as he politely offered her his dagger. “Try me.”

“Here, I’ll give you a boost,” Troy said, dropping his bat to the floor. He helped Lorelei onto his shoulders and hoisted her up and into the open window.

“Get your hand off my ass, creep!” she growled and pulled herself through. “It’s so dark in here!”

“Feel around, there should be a light switch on the wall beside the door.”

“Ew…I just stepped in something. I think it was blood!” she moaned. “Oh god. My pants are ruined! Someone’s going to pay for this!”

“Lorelei!” Matthew yelled, trying to focus her. “Do you see the keys?”

She continued moving around until finally her eyes fell on the large key rack. “There are no keys here.” Lorelei yelled, pulling the glass case open wider.

“What?” Matthew asked, stepping closer to the door.

“The rack is completely empty. There are no keys here!”

“Look around on the floor. Maybe they all fell off,” Troy suggested.

“It’s so dark in here and the light switch won’t work,” she whined. The others could hear her moving around on the other side of the door. “What’s this?” her foot pushed something and it rolled until it hit the leg on the desk. It was a flashlight. Lorelei quickly retrieved it and hit it against her palm a few times until it finally came on. “I found a light.”

“Good. Now tell us if you see the keys anywhere. Check inside the desk perhaps,” Natalie replied.

A bloodcurdling scream raised the hairs on everyone outside and Lorelei began pounding against the door. “HELP! HELP ME! HELP! PLEASE SOMEONE’S IN HERE!” Lorelei shouted at the top of her lungs. “LET ME OUT!”

“Lorelei, calm down. We can’t open the door from this side. You have to let us in.”

“I can’t. It’s bolted with a padlock! Please, pull me back over!”

“We can’t get you back to this side,” Natalie replied.

“Shut up! Just shut up! You sent me in here! You all want me dead! Please, oh god, please, help me!”

“Lorelei, it’s Troy, can you see who the person is in the room with you? Is it a guard?”

“I don’t know,” she cried. “Please don’t make me go over there.”

“He may have the key. It could be the only way to get you out of the room. Just…just go look, ok?” Troy continued speaking soothingly to her.

She whimpered as she agreed. Holding herself protectively, Lorelei inched closer to where the guard lay. She kicked his foot and his head bobbled. Lorelei again sniveled as she moved a foot closer. “It’s the guard!” she announced, still holding herself a good distance away. “He’s bleeding. I think he’s been attacked.”

“Is he conscious?”

“I don’t—I don’t think so.”

“Alright, check his pockets. See if he has the key to the padlock on him anywhere.”

“Please. Someone come in here. Help me!”

“We can’t get through, remember?” Troy replied, still speaking in a calming tone. “You have to be strong, Lorelei. Check the guard. If he has the key, you can unlock the door to let us inside.”

“Ok,” she whined and slowly started towards him. Carefully she reached out to touch his pocket. “AHH! Oh god, he’s not dead!” she screamed and quickly jumped away. “He’s not dead! Oh my god!”

“Then that means he needs help. We can help him, Lorelei,” Natalie said.

“Not if he’s one of those things! He’s going to kill me! Please!”

“Stop yelling, Lorelei, calm down. Is he talking? Ask him something. These things can’t talk remember? Ask him what his name is,” Avery suggested.

Without moving from beside the wall where she stood, Lorelei shouted loud enough for the guard to hear, repeating the question Avery had asked. “Homer. Homer Hardison.”


“Then he’s not one of them. Ask him if he knows where the key is.” The group waited for what seemed like minutes before they heard the sound of the padlock jiggling and Lorelei was soon stepping through the door. 

“You are all assho…ahhh!” Lorelei screamed. A man dressed in a surgical gown grabbed her and yanked her to the floor. “Get him off, get him off! He’s biting me!”

“SHIT!” Avery yelled as blood spilled to the floor.

Matthew was the first to reach her. Charging forward, he drilled the back of the zombie’s skull with his knife. Blood splattered all over Lorelei as she continued screaming. Troy pulled her from the floor and sat her in a chair near the door and Natalie rushed over to examine her. “Where did he come from?” Troy asked, glancing around the room.

A small pool of blood rested in a corner beside a filing cabinet, the only possible answer. Lorelei cried louder, clutching at her face as Natalie continued trying to check her injury. She looked up at Matthew and shook her head before backing away. “My face! He ruined my face!”

“Sorry about this, Lorelei.”

“What?” Lorelei looked up in time to see Matthew’s hand coming down, his knife aimed at her skull. 

A tiny moan poured through her lips as he gave the blade a twist. Her body slumped to the chair.

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  1. Aww...poor Lorelei(?) LOL her ass whining and complaining. Had she moved a little faster she may have gotten out of there without getting her face munched. She wasted too much time. Matt wasted no time in taking her out. hahaha At least he said sorry first and it was quick.

    1. Yeah had she just stepped out of the room instead of using that time to cuss the group out, she might have made it out alive :D (not really, the vote said it all hahaha)

      I don't think Matt wanted to kill her but he's not about risking his life for her entitled behind.

      Thank you for reading :)

  2. Thank you for the killing of the whining Lorelei, she was getting on my nerves. All her complaining and selfishness was seriously going to get them all killed!!!

    1. Haha yeah she was bound to meet the end of someone's weapon at one point or the other. She was just too much to deal with unfortunately.

      Thank you for reading :)

  3. The real tragedy here is that Lorelei had her precious face maimed before she died. It was her sole treasure in this world! ;__;

    1. Ha! And they got to hear her complain about that before Matthew put her out of their misery!

      Thank you for reading :)

  4. I felt sorry for Lorelei in spite of her being such a weak link. She complained too much the entire time. If she sucked it up and moved quick she would still be alive but then according to the vote she had to go. LOL. I really like this story telling method you've chosen. It's really cool that the readers get to decide what happens next. Looking forward to more chapters.

    1. She didn't want to die and even with all her faults, she was still a human being. It was too bad she just didn't fit in with the rest of them (kinda makes you wonder how she ended up there in the first place.) Haha yeah there was no saving her, sadly. She'd made her make on the readers and she was tossed out on her size 0 behind :P

      Thank you. It has been a lot of fun. It takes a ton of pressure off with Fried Brain Syndrome aka Writer's Block since everyone else is telling me what to write. I'm often curious about the final vote result and whom the readers have chosen to sacrifice next >:)

      Thank you for reading :)