Thursday, October 6, 2016

Day 06: A Place to Rest

Group 2: Katrina, Troy, Dominic, Mathew, Ryan, Aisha
Location: Police Station

“We’re here,” Dominic announced as he pulled the truck into an available spot in front of the Cabot Creek Police Department. Glancing in the rearview mirror he watched as their new friends found a spot nearby.

“You sure about this?” Katrina asked, watching the large transport vehicle navigate into the parking spot.

“No. Which is exactly why we need to remain on guard at all times,” Dominic said, grabbing his weapon from the center console before hopping out.

“This the place?” Mat asked, stepping around the truck as he took in the large, vacant building. “Doesn’t seem like anyone’s home.”

“As we may have mentioned before,” Katrina snapped. “Nothing and no one is around besides rotting corpses. Whatever news report brought you here was a lie.”

Mat glanced over his shoulder towards Ryan who’d busied himself with removing a duffle bag from the back of the truck. Troy kept special watch, hoping to get a glance at what the two were storing back there but was disappointed when Ryan barely lifted the tarp. “Well we’re here now,” Mat said with a sigh. “Best to try and make shelter before we draw too much attention.”

The group started inside, shoving open the cracked front doors that hung on one hinge. Dominic entered first and took a look around. A single, small window overlooked what had been a small garden near the back parking lot, now littered with debris and charred at the points of entry where obvious attacks had occurred. An old bed roll rested against the wall at the bottom of the stairs. Someone had already claimed this place as home. Gripping the butt of his weapon tighter, Dominic moved deeper into the room until he stood between the two exiting corridors. Peeking into one room, which appeared to be the general office, he could see nothing had been spared the same destruction as the entrance. 

The expansive space stood half-filled with a mix of desk covered in paperwork, which had been important at some point, and chairs toppled to the floor. Blood smears, spent ammo cartridges, and rotting corpses painted a dark and deadly picture about what had become of the men and women of the Cabot Creek police force.

A light haze of dust and the musky odor of death drifted to his nostrils. If they were planning on staying, they would need to do some serious clean up!

“This place is huge,” Ryan commented as he too poked his head into one of the adjacent rooms.

“Think anyone’s still here?” Dominic asked, referring to the used cot and opened cans of food.

“Only one way to find out,” Ryan replied, cocking the automatic rifle in his hands.

“We should probably split up and search,” Troy suggested, circling around the foyer.

“Are you crazy?” Dominic asked, turning to glare at him. “Hell nah we ain’t doing that!”

“It’s not a bad idea. We can cover more ground that way,” Mathew added as he slowly started up the large staircase.

“Great. That’s exactly what they say in horror movies before the death starts,” Katrina mocked. She sloughed the heavy duffel onto the floor near the stairwell, and followed Mathew up the stairs.

“I’ll stay here and keep an eye on the trucks,” Troy said, turning his attention to the plate glass entrance. For a moment he congratulated himself for making the perfect excuse. But the suspicious glare from Corporal Crawfield wasn’t lost on him.

“I’ll take the main floor,” Ryan said, apparently scheming of his own.

“Great. And since Katrina’s working with your friend, I’ll help. I’ll take this side,” Dominic responded, motioning towards the doors leading to the office Ryan headed away first and Troy quickly stepped closer to whisper in Dominic’s ear.

“Alright, I need you to try and keep him busy while I get a look inside that truck.”

“I still think this is a bad idea,” Dominic replied, checking the load on his weapon.

“Yeah but it beats not knowing. And who knows? If everything checks out, maybe they can be trusted enough to work together.”

“And if not?”

“Then I have a bullet with their name on it. I’m not taking any chances here; not after tonight.” Troy stashed an extra cartridge into his pocket before rushing towards the doors.

“Be careful, Troy. If you get caught…besides, there’s no telling what’s in there. I don’t want you walking into a trap.”

“I’ll be careful, I promise.” Ducking out of the back door, Troy made his way over to the parked military transport and hurriedly hopped inside. He hadn’t been back there for more than a minute before he heard the sound of boots stop just outside.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” Ryan said, watching Troy’s finger hover over the cloth bunched in the back of the transport.

“Why? What are you hiding under there?”

“What makes you think we’re hiding anything?” Troy paused, deciding his next move before reaching down and uncovering the mass. An array of military grade weapons including grenades, a rocket launcher, ammo and a .50 Caliber rifle was neatly tucked in the back corner. To the right of the weapons cache were a few piles of clothes and unopened boxes of MREs.

“Congratulations. You’ve uncovered our secret; we don’t do laundry. Now, what’s say you hop down, Sport, and I won’t have to put a slug in you?”

“Kinky,” Troy said, retrieving his weapon from his waistband. Ryan smirked and took a step back as he waited for Troy to comply. With a sigh, Troy hopped out of the back of the truck and moved back from Ryan.

“I figured I should keep my eye on you,” he said, shutting the back of the truck. “Did you find what you were looking for?”

“As a matter of fact,” Troy replied. “Look, it’s nothing personal, but my group was just attacked tonight by a group of what I assume to be ex-military. They moved with precision and basically burned us out of our home.”

“Sorry to hear that, but it wasn’t us. Mat and I just got into town.”

“Yeah, so you said.” They stared at one another momentarily, sizing each other up before Ryan finally spoke.

“Well if that’s everything, I’m going back on patrol,” Ryan said, stepping back out into the hall. He’s always detested the awkward silences and weighted pauses of everyday social interactions. Avoiding them was his way of dealing. 

“Wait, you hear something?”

“Other than you jawing? No. Maybe it’s your imag…”

“Shh!” Troy silenced Ryan with a finger in the air. “Listen.” Ryan sighed but did as Troy asked. Focusing with his ears he waited. Sure enough, as Troy said, there was a light scuffling sound coming from the direction of the building. Ryan signaled to Troy to follow his lead and the two started forward.


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  1. Neither group feels up to making new friends. LOL I'm with Katrina, splitting up is always what happens before something bad happens. Not good, that's for sure.

    I hope they are okay and there won't be some zombiifed cops or something staying around the place.

    1. Nope! Haha it's very hard to trust these days, especially after being attacked by the living. And splitting up with people you just met...yeah...not a really great situation.

      But zombified copes are the best! :D "Send more cops..." :P

      Thank you for reading :)

  2. Well, at least they found out that there wasn't anything too sinister in the back of the truck, right?

    1. Very true! They also have access to weapons that they didn't have before (this group's main focus was the pantry). So it would seem they can benefit from each other.

      Thank you for reading :)