Friday, October 21, 2016

Day 21: Tight Spot

Group 1: Veronica, Elise, Natalie, David, Amélia, Eddie
Location: Warehouse

Another series of bullets drilled the walls above them. Glass shattered and fell to the floor as more of the warehouse windows exploded. Elise, Eddie, Amélia and Veronica kept their heads down while David did all he could to keep Natalie covered. Once the bullets stopped, she pulled away and checked herself for injuries. “How’d they find us here?” she asked, satisfied she wasn’t hurt.

“It’s the only building for miles,” David said. “Process of elimination.”

“Come on out! You don’t want us coming in after you,” the same voice cried out with an even angrier tone.

Veronica moved beneath the window, preparing for combat. Eddie shook his head no. They were out gunned and in no position to shoot it out with these people. She stayed her hand, knowing that if she did fire, it would cause a reaction no one in the room was prepared for.

“This can be over right now. I can end this,” David said, getting to his feet. “I’m what they want. No one else needs to get hurt.”

“No!” Natalie exclaimed pulling him back to the floor beside her. “I’m not letting you commit suicide by walking out there. Besides, what guarantee do we have they’ll turn and leave once they have what they want?”

“She’s right,” Eddie said, repositioning himself beside the window. “The only way out of this is to fight.”

“Fight?” Amélia exclaimed. “There are four of them out there with automatic weapons. We have what? A couple of glocks and a shotgun?”

“Then what do you propose? That backdoor is sealed up, remember? We patched that nice and tight before holing up in this room. The only way out is through them,” Eddie said.

“I say we let them in,” Veronica stated, her voice cold and serious. “If they want to get us, any of us, they’ll need to be willing to enter. And when they do, we’ll be ready.” The group listened closely as she formulated a plan.

Elise and Eddie hid themselves on opposite sides of the front door. Amélia and Natalie remained where they were, listening as the men outside continued taunting them. The shouting stopped. And everyone waited with bated breath as footsteps approached the building.

David stepped into the center of the room. He was bait, for all intents and purposes, and he felt about as vulnerable as a baby deer in a lion’s den. With no weapon to protect himself, he had to trust the others would take out the gunman before they got to him.

The board fell from across the handle, landing with a resounding crash. The door had been opened. He took a deep breath. The soft padding of footsteps drew closer and he clenched his fists in anticipation. This wasn’t such a brilliant idea after all. Why did he have to open his big mouth?

A window shattered. Shit. They were encroaching from different locations. If they somehow got behind them through the back stairwell…another window, to the east. Eddie switched positons. Now he and Elise were guarding separate doors alone. David took a moment to catch his breath and calm himself. He could feel his entire body trembling.

At last, the door opened. Two men walked inside. The first to speak was instantly recognized. “There he is. The man of the hour!” The second gunman had David dead-to-rights. The first never flinched; even when he heard the weapon click behind him. “Why don’t you tell your friends to drop their weapons and move where I can see them?”

“No. Why don’t you drop yours,” Veronica said, dragging one of the others out from the back. He was bleeding from a leg wound; a large knife dangling from her left hand while she aimed her gun with the right. “STOP!” she shouted at the gunman standing beside the ringleader. He’d made a motion forward and she quickly redirected her aim. “Stay right where you are.”

“He’s my brother. He’ll bleed to death! Let me help him.”

“You really think I give a shit if he dies? You assholes are here to kill us! For all I care he can join the rest of your friends in hell and I swear to GOD if you don’t stop inching towards him I will put a fucking bullet in his head right now!” Veronica yelled watching the other man slowly move to comfort his brother. “BACK UP! MOVE!”

“Alright, I’m going, just…please.”

“Now, drop your weapons or no one is walking out of here alive.”

“I like option B.” The man’s face twitched into a wicked smile. All his rage and strength accumulated at his finger on the trigger. He looked between the two again and without giving a second thought to her words, he pulled the trigger.


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  1. Well that happened. I want to know why those guys are after David.