Thursday, October 13, 2016

Day 13: Social Psychopath

Group 1: Veronica, Elise, Natalie, David, Amélia, Eddie
Location: Warehouse

The sight of the opened fence swept away Natalie’s balance. She stumbled forward. David snatched her back and pressed her up against the wall. “Stay down or we’re dead.” With his hand covering her mouth, Natalie was hard-pressed to turn her head, but she did notice the armed men standing on the other side of the wall as well as lining the gate and outer bushes. “Ok, stay behind me but try and keep up. We have maybe three minutes to get from here to the other side of the woods before they realize we’re gone. You ready?”

Natalie nodded and knelt beside David who’d positioned himself in a runner’s stance. Now was their chance! The guard on the fence turned his back and the two of them darted from the side of the building and through the opened gate. The moment their feet crossed the fence line, an alarm sounded and Natalie could see over her shoulder several doors opened as men rushed to their positions. “Go! We gotta move faster!” David urged, sprinting forward and leaving a large gap between himself and Natalie.

The ringing siren behind them confused Natalie as she furiously pumped her legs, trying to keep up. Back at the compound, Matthew had purposely disabled all of the fire alarms and devices so they wouldn’t sound. He did this to keep from alerting any hungry packs of zombies of their position and leading them to their front door. The thought continued niggling at her, and then it hit her. That gate was not left open by accident. As organized as the group seemed when they attacked them, there was no way they’d be that negligent. They wanted this. They wanted her to run!

Natalie’s pace began to slow and she lost sight of David. Turning through the underbrush to her right, she started off in a completely opposite direction of him. Unsure if David was in on it or not, she was not willing to take the chance. Sweat beaded down her face, washing through the dried blood on her forehead and stinging her eyes, but still she continued running. The sound of footfall behind her confirmed what she was already thinking; the hunt was on. Passing by a large rock situated on the edge of a cliff, Natalie considered her options. Should she set a trap for her unsuspecting pursuers or keep running until she reached a street? Someone had to be out here somewhere.

Sticking with the initial plan, Natalie thought better to get as much distance as possible between her and the maniacs she encountered in the woods. Digging her toes into the soft soil, she pushed off with each stride, starting block style. Her legs responded with a burst of speed. The distance between her and her pursuers grew. The tip of her boot caught on something on the trail. Her leg buckled, she fell forward to the ground. Pain, hot and sharp, surged through her knee. Her face struck the dirt. Blood flooded her mouth.

Natalie tried to climb to her feet. Her right knee wobbled as she tried to put weight on it and pain zipped from her toes to her hip. She couldn’t inhale fast enough. Her lungs screamed, her knee throbbed and the ache got worse with every racing beat of her heart. Something gritty crunched between her teeth. Natalie spat a mouthful of blood and dirt into the bush beside her. 

“Well now,” a familiar voice resounded nearby and a chill rushed up Natalie’s spine. “You weren’t planning on leaving without saying goodbye, were you?” A man stepped out from behind the tree, a gun aimed at her head. And although she’d never seen his face, Natalie recognized the voice and the way it made her skin crawl. Reason told her to jump up and run or even call for help, but her knee was a hot, pulsing mess, no way could she run, let alone walk another step. Her heart slammed against her ribs. Fear dried her throat as she tried once again to climb to her feet. The man laughed, hissing through his teeth at the sight of his prey recoiled on the ground in front of him. “You made it too easy, sweetheart. Next time…”

His sentence was cut short with the thundering crash of a rock to his temple. The man fell. A pool of blood seeped into the ground beneath him and Natalie looked up in fright at the sight of David standing above her. “There you are,” he said coolly as he reached out a hand to help her stand. “Come on, I saw a building not too far from here.”

“I can’t walk. My knee…”

“I got you,” David said, lifting Natalie into his chest. 

“VERONICA!” Elise shouted and powered down the flight of stairs. Not waiting on a reply, she rushed to the front door and quickly undid the barricade. “Natalie! Where…?” Elise stopped midsentence, opening the door to find her friend passed out in the arms of a stranger.

“Help. Someone’s after us and I think they’re getting close.”



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  1. Well good to know that David wasn't in on it, or at least we hope. Still a little hard to trust anyone new right now. He did kill that guy, so it buys him some brownie points.

    Natalie is hurt and in Roni's current state of mind, that may not be a good thing for her. Roni is in full every man for himself mode these days. hahaha

    The groups are growing, wonder how that will work out.

  2. I had to say Kinda with the escaping... lets be honest here... they're a weird Militia group that has now lost possibly two people they captured, they're going to be looking for them.

    My other worry, is that the group is growing (as Jazen mentioned), I have a feeling that bigger may not be better in this case!