Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Day 19: Another Day

Group 3: Jake, JC, Nina, Sara, Lucky, Mike, Chloe
Location: School

“Mike!” Chloe yelled as she saw him fighting one of the men who’d attacked them. The man lunged at him with a knife and Mike quickly sidestepped. The blow glanced his side. The sharp edge of the blade sliced into his ribcage and his hand immediately went to his injury.

The knife-wielding fiend grinned watching the blood drip from Mike’s wound. Feeling confident, he again tried a forward attack, but this time, Mike was ready for him. The moment the razor-tipped stiletto started towards him, he leaned back, kicking his feet out fast and hard in a leg sweep and knocked his assailant to the ground.

The man crashed hard to the wood deck. The panel just beneath his head cracked and blood gushed from an opened gash. “Oh shit,” Mike gasped, watching the man’s eyes roll to the back of his head. Without delay, he gripped the railing and dove across. Mike groaned as he landed. The impact jolted him, aggravating his side and causing more blood to spill from the cut.

Mike stumbled forward, moving at a leisurely pace towards the gates as gunfire continued exploding around him. Up ahead, he saw Chloe waiting with a woman he’d not seen before. She smiled and started forward, pulling him down against the fence. “You’re hurt,” she moaned, pulling open his coat as she noticed the blood on his t-shirt.

“No, it’s nothing. I’ll be fine. You came for me?” Mike asked, surprised to see her again; something he’d not expected.

“Of course I did,” she said with a smile, “You would have done the same for me.” 

Bullets were coming faster as more doors opened and more people joined in. JC ducked a beer bottle tossed at his head and fired frantically before diving for cover. “Jake! Get Nina,” he shouted as one of his bullets found its mark. “I’ll cover you.” One of the gunmen fell with a hard thud against a tent constructed in the center of the park.

Shoving his weapon into the waistband of his jeans, Jake powered forward. Ignoring the immediate danger, his one thought: get Nina and get out. “Wait, Lucky!” Nina yelled, hitting at Jake’s shoulder as he ran her farther away from her four-legged and towards the street.

“You mean that dog that just tore a man to shreds? Not uh, no way are we bringing some vicious animal with us,” Jake said, shooting down Nina’s plea.

“Lucky’s my friend! She saved my life,” she insisted, calling for the dog.

Chloe heard the gate rattle and jumped as Jake came rushing into view. “Wait, where’s your friend?” she asked, seeing him exit the gates without JC.

“He’s still in there.”

She glanced between Jake and Mike before jumping to her feet. “We need to get him.”

“Chloe, no, you can’t go in there,” Mike said. “Those men are armed and…”

“They wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for me, Mike…for you. I have to do something.”

“You don’t have a gun!” 

“I do now,” she said, snatching the weapon from Jake’s waistband. Chloe rushed into the fray before either one could object, disappearing behind the tall fence post .

“Nina, stay here with Sara and Mike. I need to get JC. Sara, can you watch…? Sara?” Jake turned towards her prone body and dropped to her side. “How long has she been like this?” he asked of Mike who shrugged and dabbed a finger against his laceration. Jake searched for a pulse, but it was obvious from the lack of breath Sara was gone. “Fuck!” A bullet exploded through the fence as JC jumped through the gate, landing with his back on the ground.

“We need to go, now!” 

“Where’s…Chloe?” Mike asked, getting to his feet. JC dropped his head. “No!” Mike yelled as he ran towards the gate. JC jumped in front of him, pushing him back to keep him from meeting the same fate as his friend.

“Wait, stop! You don’t want to see her like that.”

“Get the fuck out of my way.”

“Dude, she’s gone, ok? I’m sorry, but she’s…she’s gone.” Mike dropped his chin into his chest, shaking his head as he fought back tears. Lucky trotted forward, limping a little on her front paw as she made her way over to Nina. She threw her arms around the animal, happy to see she made it out of the chaos.

“Guys, not to be an ass but we really need to get the hell out of here. There’s no telling how many more guns those guys have and they don’t seem like the caring type,” Jake said.

“Yeah,” JC agreed. “Let’s get out of here.”

“And go where?” Mike asked.

“I don’t know,” Jake sighed. “But anything is better than this.”

“The school,” Nina said. “No one ever wants to go there.” Shots rang out and the group swiftly moved. Nina’s suggestion was looking better and better.


*Author’s note: Yall were out to kill them all it seemed. But the majority votes were against Sara and Chloe. Sadly, they didn’t really get a chance to develop. And well the third…enjoy the poll :)*


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  1. LOL Jake trying to leave behind Lucky. That dog is coming Jakey boy, deal with it. LOL

    Wow, so Chloe and Sarah both didn't make it. :( That's nuts. I'm glad Nina was okay, I have a soft spot for children. And dogs, so glad Lucky is okay too. :)