Thursday, October 20, 2016

Day 20: Disaster Averted

Group 4: Matthew, Josh, Liz, Jeremiah, Edward, Nicole
Location: Barn/Farmhouse

“Ok, we need a plan,” Liz said, hopping to her feet.

“No. We need to get out of here,” Edward said, cowering deeper into the corner. “You don’t understand, those guys out there…they’re not the warmly and cuddly type. They’re worse than those monsters!”

“Who are they?” Matthew again asked, checking the load on his rifle.

“I—I don’t know! They work for some company.”

“What company? What are you talking about?” Edward didn’t have the chance to explain before the banging at the backdoor culminated in a large explosion like a rocket had gone off in tight quarters. “They’re inside,’ Matthew said, the expression on his face turning stony. “Josh, can you still fire a weapon?”

“Yeah, I’m good,” he said, climbing to his feet.

“Good, here.” Matthew handed him his side arm and moved behind a wall of stacked hay bales. “Get ready. There’s no telling what’s waiting on the other side of that door.”

Josh gripped the gun in his hand and aimed at the door. The first person that entered was hit dead center in the forehead. When he pulled the trigger bits of brain and skull sprayed everywhere. Blood spilled out under the corpse and he heard as the others hopped back around the corner.

“Found yourself some friends, huh, Eddie?” A deep, masculine voice croaked from the hallway. “Doesn’t matter. You’ll all end up in the same place.”

“Who are you?” Matthew asked, trying to keep the man talking so he could pinpoint his exact location.

“Call me the Reaper, because I’m here to collect your souls!” 

Josh moved behind the pillar near the door, covering himself between the crates beside the window. An ear-splitting, thunderous roar exploded the calm as the man’s assault rifle propelled a volley of shells into the barn. Spent cartridges clinked as they met the wooden floor. And then silence. Movement to the left caught Josh’s eye. He lifted his arm to fire. The 45 caliber pistol sounded weak following a rifle like that. But the cry and subsequent thump told him he’d gotten his man…at least one of them.

“Almost,” the voice teased with a boisterous cackle. “Why don’t you step out into the light? Let me kill you quick.” Another rifle shot. Matthew thought for a second he felt pain. He was sure it was just a stab in the gut from his nerves. Not, as he’d first imagined, a bullet. Looking down, Matthew noticed a single splinter of wood sticking out of his gut. Fuck. He pulled it free, watching a small cascade of his blood fall with it to the floor. Pressing a hand to his side, he checked the depth of his injury and was pleased to learn it wasn’t too bad. I’ll live.

Matthew motioned to Liz and she circled around his side, beckoning for Jeremiah to toss her the first aid kit. And while she tended to Matthew’s wound, he waited for the man’s head to surface as a flashbulb burst in his head. The wall was thin wood. He could shoot right through the damned thing. He smiled at his own stupidity. Boom, boom, boom. The three rounds sent splinters flying and polluted the barn air with even more dust.

The gunplay went on for minutes, but no one dared give an inch on their position. Finally, as the smoke cleared and the booming of firearms ceased, Matthew glanced over at the door. His rifle’s muzzle poked out from the hay bale, almost invisible if not for the smoke billowing out of it. 

One step forward, then another. Nothing but silence from the other side of the wall. The man was gone, leaving behind the bodies of his friends for the others to clean up. “We’re going to have to move,” Matthew said. “He’ll be back and probably with more guns.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Liz exhaled the breath she’d been holding, “But that still leaves me with the one burning question, who was that?” 

“And better still,” Josh added, “Why is he after us?”


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  1. Who the hell did Eddie piss off? He did something bad for them to come at him like that guns blazing. They need to get Eddie to talk so they know exactly what they are up against.

  2. Holy crap!!! Now what have they gotten themselves into???