Monday, October 17, 2016

Day 17: In an Instant

Group 1: Veronica, Elise, Natalie, David, Amélia, Eddie
Location: Warehouse

Stepping away from the door, Elise tried to catch her breath. How had this man come into contact with Natalie? Who was he? Was he the reason she was unconscious? And if so, what had he done to her? So many questions were running through her mind, but Elise did not have time to ponder them all. Pounding down the stairs behind her, she turned to find Veronica, Amélia and Eddie standing in the corridor. Veronica was the first to move, aiming her weapon at the newcomer. Right away he knew she meant business.

“I don’t want any trouble, alright? My friend is hurt. We…”

“Your friend?” Veronica interrupted him. “What did you do to her?”

“Nothing. She was attacked out there. She said her knee was hurt,” he answered, but the look on Veronica’s face had not changed and she continued pointing her gun at his head. “Look, I’m telling the truth. I killed the guy that hurt her. It wasn’t me,” David insisted.

“We’ll see,” Veronica replied. “When Natalie wakes up, you’d better hope your stories match.” Amélia lead them up the stairs. David rested Natalie on one of the empty cots near the window and took a seat on the floor beside her.

Veronica continued her vigilance while Elise checked on their prone friend, tending to her wounds. “She’s coming to,” Elise announced as Natalie began to stir. Her mind sought consciousness, struggling against the clinging tentacles of darkness that tried to pull her deeper. Her eyelids fluttered and opened one at a time. She gasped as Elise’s smiling face came into view. “Hey there, stranger,” Elise said, leaning back. “Long time no see.”

Natalie touched her forehead and felt the small bandage that had been placed over her cut. “I…it was all we had,” Elise explained.

“Thank you, Elise,” Natalie groaned as she sat up, sliding her back against the wall. “It’s good to see familiar faces again.” Looking over to her left, she grinned as she noticed David sitting beside her. But the smile faded when she saw Veronica standing across from them with her weapon aimed at him. “That’s not necessary,” she said. “David saved my life out there. He can be trusted.”

“Yeah?” Eddie asked, backing away from the window, “Then why is there suddenly a group of armed men headed this way?”

“What!?” Veronica asked, moving towards the window. Carefully, she peeked outside, confirming for the others what Eddie said. “Who are they?” she asked, glaring at David, her eyes burning with fury.

Hopping up, he took a look out the window. Instantly, his face turned ashen as he recognized the men. “It’s them. The people that were holding me and Natalie hostage!”

Natalie swung her legs over the side of the bed to stand and instantly regretted it. Momentarily forgetting about the pain in her knee, she fell back, nearly landing on the floor. “Those people are psychos. They won’t stop until we’re all dead!” she said, rubbing the ache as the throb in her leg crescendoed. “What are we going to do?”

Her question was met by a round of gunfire and everyone quickly hit the ground. The gun play went on for moments but to them, it felt like an eternity. Glass scattered as dozens of the factory windows were shattered into millions of tiny pieces. Wood splintered and drifted through a whirlwind of dust and debris, falling around them as they all tried their best to protect themselves from the deadly projectiles. When the shots finally ceased, a deep, masculine voice shouted through the once peaceful afternoon air. “You have something in there that belongs to us. Hand over the con and we’ll gladly be on our way!”

“Con?” Natalie asked, scratching her head. All eyes turned to David who’d sank deeper into the floor as if he could disappear completely. “What are they talking about? Con? Who are you?”


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  1. Yeah Roni is seriously losing it. She is so different this time around than last time. I do find it somewhat interesting that she's not thought about or showed any concern over Dom. Where they a thing at the end of last year? Matt is worried about Natalie, Josh about his cousin, but Roni, she's like fuck everybody. Not sure how much I like her. LOL

    So those guys, I don't get why they are after him. Can't be for a bounty, I mean who the hell cares about crime at this point. Hell they are committing plenty themselves so what really is the deal?

  2. I knew those guys would have followed them! But somehow I feel they're either lying about David just so they can get him, or are just calling out to see if everyone will come out showing them the numbers of how many more they can take hostage!!!