Sunday, October 30, 2016

Day 30: Day of Reckoning

Group: Natalie, David, Amélia, Mike, Edward, Nicole, Josh, Matthew, Liz, Nina, Lucky, Eddie, Elise, Dominic, Mathew, Ryan, Troy, Aisha, Jeremiah, Katrina, Jake, JC
Location: BioCore Safe Zone

Dominic backed away from the window and started for the stairs. “We need to get to the weapons and get out there to help,” he said.

“Well, you might wanna hurry,” Aisha stated, moving out of the office, “Those zombies I told you I saw before, they’re coming back towards us now…and it looks like they picked up some friends along the way.”

“Shit,” Ryan hurried after Dominic, followed by Troy, Mathew and Katrina. Grabbing up a couple rifles and handguns, they geared up for a fight.

“We have maybe thirty seconds before those things are up our asses. We get out there and we move quickly. Stay together and watch each other’s backs. This thing is gonna get crazy real fast,” Dominic said. “Everyone got it? Let’s move.”

Taking a deep breath, Dominic kicked open the door and came out shooting. Matthew turned at the sound of gunfire and took a relieved sigh when he noticed where the sounds were coming from. He nodded at his old friends as he and the others continued mowing down the group of undead standing between them and the police station.

Dozens poured out of the alleyways and the backs of buildings, drawn to the street with the constant barrage of bullets. JC’s gun clicked and he cussed as he moved to the back. Out of ammo meant his battle had become hand-to-hand. Switching to his machete, he rushed forward into the growing crowd. With a swift swing, he planted the sharp edge of the blade into the skull of a walking undead. It stuck and he struggled to free it again.

“JC, BEHIND YOU!” Jeremiah shouted. But before anyone else could follow it up with action, Lucky charged forward, snarling as she chomped down onto the zombie’s left arm. Dragging it down to the ground, she moved around ripping and tearing until the bone popped from the socket and the arm was separated from the zombie. JC took a step back and finished off the monster while Lucky was content with tearing it to pieces.

Nicole emptied her handgun into the mob heading towards them. Two zombies hit the ground, but the other seven seemed to pick up steam. She reloaded and popped off two more rounds before her gun jammed. “Fuck!” she hissed, pulling the slide back to try and get the damned thing working again.

From the other side of the street, Katrina hauled off with a volley of her own. Seeing Josh again lit a fire under her. She did her best not to think about him during their seperation. Keeping her mind focused on the road ahead kept her from crumbling and becoming one of the many undead she now found herself shooting. Her bullet drilled through the head of the zombie in front of her. Blood and brain matter splattered the pavement beneath him as he tumbled to the ground.

The deep, red liquid oozed from the hole in the center of his forehead, nearly resembling mud. Katrina drew back her slide. Her second clip was almost empty. But the more they killed, the bigger the horde became. “This isn’t going to work,” Ryan said, watching the numbers grow. “The sound is bringing more!”

“Ryan’s right,” Mathew said, pumping his rifle and watching the buck shots scatter. “We need to figure out a different way.”

“I got it,” Troy said. “The trucks! Ryan, toss me your keys.” Throwing his gun over his shoulder, Troy took off for the parking lot. Dominic stopped watching once he disappeared behind the wheel of the military transport. Moments later, the sound of an engine roared behind them. They made room as he drove forward into the mass. Bodies rolled beneath the truck’s wheels. Bones snapped and skulls flattened.

When the truck finally stopped, the large group of zombies were dead…again. Troy kicked open the passenger door and looked down at Matthew, Jeremiah, Liz, Nina, Jake and JC, with a smile, “Anybody call for an Uber?”  

It took them half an hour to get the trucks packed up with their supplies. Matthew spoke  to everyone about the safe zones and it was agreed, they’d take a look and maybe, finally, bring an end to this apocalypse. Driving through the ravaged city, they made it to the location on the edge of Cabot Creek.

“This is the place,” Matthew said, checking out the warehouse that had been transformed into what appeared to be a massive medical facility.

“And what exactly do they do here?” Ryan asked, looking at the amount of military patrols surrounding the building.

“That’s what we aim to find out. BioCore wanted this war,” Matthew said, hopping down from the truck and grabbing his weapon from the front seat. “Let’s bring it to them.”

The sound of a truck driving in made everyone scurry for cover. Amélia ducked beside the trunk of a large tree with David while Elise and Eddie were crouched beside their prisoner. Natalie had made it behind a bush and was keeping her eye on the group as they exited the vehicle. “Matt?” she gasped, as she recognized familiar people within the group heading towards the building.

Elise turned and joined her in shock. It appeared everyone from the compound had reunited, and, unwittingly, they were heading right into danger!


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