Saturday, October 29, 2016

Day 29: City of Bones

Group 1: Veronica, Elise, Natalie, David, Amélia, Eddie
Location: Warehouse

“That’s where they prep the intake for treatment,” David said as he, Natalie and Elise scouted the safe zone. He had led them there shortly after the attack. Natalie was seeking revenge. Ignoring the dangers of walking into such a heavily guarded location and against David’s advice. Eddie and Amélia hung back to watch over their prisoner. She’d blamed the man for Veronica’s death, but deep down she knew the real source of the problem was the medical company that started it all. BioCore workers transported boxes into the facility out the back of unmarked trucks.

The place was cordoned off by a large electric fence and several armed guards. Working cameras were posted on every corner of the building as well as what appeared to be command dogs and even alert sirens. “Where do they go from there?” Natalie asked, formulating a plan.

“There are several research rooms within the facility, there’s no telling where each individual is taken,” David replied. “I can tell you, however, it’s never good. Some of the ‘research’ I witnessed…it makes prison look like a trip to the spa.”

“I don’t care. We’re putting a stop to this once and for all.”

“Wait a second, what’s this?” David asked. Another truck pulled up and they watched as a man in his earlier thirties exited the driver’s side. He waved his arms frantically at the soldiers before running around the other side and opening the passenger door. 

The soldiers stepped towards him as he helped another man around the same age out of the car. It was obvious from the way the man was moving, he was injured. His shirt was stained with blood and he appeared to have a bandage wrapped around his wrist. “He’s been bitten,” Natalie surmised, watching the scene unfold through the chain-link fence.

“Oh geez,” Elise gasped. “There’s like a chunk missing out of his arm!” She squinted her eyes slightly to get a better look. Both men were dripping with blood, leaving a trail behind them as the shuffled forward. The soldiers stopped when they saw the blood and began shouting at the men to stop. When they didn’t, the soldiers pointed their guns at the men, causing them to freeze in their tracks. They placed their hands above their heads in response. 

And although they couldn’t hear what the soldiers were yelling, they noticed they weren’t lowering their guns. The two men dropped to their knees. The driver clasped his hands together, pleading with the soldiers. “What the hell are they doing?” David asked.

A moment later, the soldiers opened fire, the sound of their guns making them all jump in fright. “HOLY SHIT!” Elise gasped and ducked further behind the concrete pylon. The men’s bodies whipped violently against the force of the bullets before they finally hit the ground.

Natalie watched as a pair of men in lab coats exited down the ramp, placed the bodies on gurneys and disappeared back inside. “Come on, let’s get back to the others.” 

Eddie waved as he saw Elise approach. “So? What’s the plan?” he asked of Natalie.

“It’s just like David said. Armed militants surrounding the building, barbed wire fence…even security cameras. The only way we’re getting inside is by force.”

“Force,” Amélia scoffed. “Us and what army? We barely survived earlier’s attack. We have no weapons and barely any ammo for the ones we do have.”

“Amélia’s right,” Eddie said. “I hate to say it but there’s no way we’re winning this one. Even if we managed to get inside, the likelihood of getting out alive…I don’t like our chances.”

“You can’t still seriously be considering this, Natalie,” Elise said. She’d seen exactly what they were up against. And hearing Natalie stillready for this suicide mission had her a little on edge.

“How are you even planning to get into the building in the first place?” Eddie asked.

“That’s where our friend comes in,” Natalie replied with a grin. “He doesn’t know it yet, but he’s gonna be the key to getting us inside.


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  1. Damn it seems everyone is losing their heads this time around. That fact has already cost Roni her life. Matt was going off the deep end and now Natalie. Their time at the compound got the lazy or something because all logic has seem to have flown out the window. :(

    Natalie's plan only works if the rest of them agree, hopefully they can talk some sense into her.

  2. WOW, everyone is going nuts!

    Where's the logic thinking that got them to where they are, desperation is getting to everyone it seems, and while I'm all for 'desperate times call for desperate measures' this seems just a little bit extreme