Saturday, October 22, 2016

Day 22: Toxic Rain

Group 2: Katrina, Troy, Dominic, Mathew, Ryan, Aisha
Location: Police Station

“Are either of you hurt? Did everyone get out?” Katrina asked as Ryan slammed the door shut behind them.

“Aisha, throw me that chair,” he said before shoving the back beneath the handle, securing them all inside. “Alright, first thing’s first, how much ammo do you have?” he asked of Katrina who was still having a mini-meltdown near the back of the room.

“Ammo? How could that be your first concern? Our friends are missing and we have no idea if any of them have been hurt. And now there is a hallway full of zombies out there and the only thing separating us from them is a tiny metal chair!”

“Exactly! And if they get in here, I’d like to know we’d at least have a fighting chance. Focus, Katrina, ammo, how much?” Ryan repeated, cutting through the shit.

“I think…half a clip,” Katrina said. Removing her weapon, she checked the load and nodded to confirm her answer. Down to eight bullets. There was at least twice that amount of undead waiting outside the door.

Panic overwhelmed Aisha as she gazed down at hands covered in blood and trembling. She was tired but she couldn’t sleep. Didn’t want to. The images played out on the back of her eyelids were unpleasant enough without having to recount them over and over. This had been her hell since that night. And it all started with her parents. That night on the bridge and every night since. She had been trying to cope with the death. The loss. The never-ending loneliness and the constant fighting.

She’d watched as the Joe Mason Bridge collapsed. Stood by helplessly as hundreds of people trying to drive out of town were sucked into the giant pit the military had blown into the ground. The claimed they were there to help, but Aisha saw it much differently. She and her parents were on their way out of town to one of many “safe zones” the military had set up. But once they arrived, they realized it was anything but safe.

They had constructed a fence and everyone was forced into a containment area until they were given clearance to proceed inside; no infection detected. Aisha made it, her parents were not so lucky. Dozens of cars flooded the bridge. People were jumping out of them, rushing the gates, all running from the undead and trying to get into the walls; to safety. The safe zone was quickly overrun with the living and the others.

Given the go ahead to “take control” the military opened fire. Aisha watched as innocent people were gunned down by those sworn to serve and protect. Men, women and children were murdered in cold blood, dying beside the undead only ten feet away from the gates.

Her dad held her mom. She watched in horror with just a fence between them as their bodies were riddled with bullets and left on the street like roadkill. The last thing she remembered was the sound of the rocket hitting the bridge and exploding one of the main supports. Hundreds of people were dead and she was carted off by the U.S. Government.

“We’ll all going to die in here, aren’t we?” Aisha whimpered, her voice shaking just as bad as the rest of her.

“Stop!” Katrina said. “Stop that right now. Ryan’s right. We need to focus. We need to keep our eyes ahead. Stay calm. We can get through this. We’ll be fine.” She repeated the words as though she was trying to convince herself. “We’ll be fine.”

“Get that table over here,” Dominic instructed, keeping the double doors sealed shut as he felt the force of the zombies pushing against it. “Hurry it up!” Mathew and Troy shoved more objects in front of the door, barring themselves inside from the monsters trying to get in.

“Did you see which way the others went?” Mathew asked, finally able to take a breath.

“No. There were too many. We’re lucky to have even made it inside,” Troy replied.

“Luck…” Dominic scoffed. “It’ll be luck if we survive the night. We never should have come up here. I led us here; I did this. And now…”

“Enough!” Troy shouted, cutting off Dominic’s sentence. “We don’t have time for this. We need to figure out a plan.” Dominic was tired. He could see it in his face, but he was tired too. And he was also determined to not let today be his last day on earth.

“Alright, Troy, what do you suggest?” Mathew asked, slumping down into a chair beside him.


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  1. Poor Aisha... I couldn't stop myself from crying at the image of her seeing her parents killed so brutslly. She's really got to pull herself together, otherwise she'll crumble rather than become stronger.

  2. Oh wow. Aisha has had it rough. I can get why she's so shaken. Lost her parents at the hands of those meant to help. That's hard for anyone. She with people who will look out for her if they manage to survive.