Sunday, October 23, 2016

Day 23: Death by Design

Group 3: Jake, JC, Nina, Sara, Lucky, Mike, Chloe
Location: School

The group walked in silence, some breathing heavily, others taking quick shallow breaths, all trying to keep their calm which was growing increasingly hard to do. Blood dribbled through Mike’s fingers as he tightly pressed his hand against his side. They’d been running for several blocks and he felt himself growing weaker with every step he took. The shirt he wore was drenched in his own blood. He’d closed his jacket to keep the others from noticing, but it wouldn’t be long before the exhaustion made him collapse. “How much farther to the school?” he asked out of breath as he stumbled along behind them.

“Not much,” Jake replied, keeping his eyes on the road ahead.

JC had made it a point to watch their rear, ensuring they’d all made a clean get-away. “We need to get off the street,” he said, redirecting them off road and through the trees.

Mike could barely lift his leg to get across the guardrail and a grunt escaped his lips. “Are you ok?” Nina asked, stealing a peek at the man and the heavy sweat beading on his forehead.

“Fine. Just tired,” he replied, trying not to exert too much breath on his reply.

Lucky trotted between them, her attention flitting between all the movements of the trees as wind caressed bare branches. Leaves rustled to the ground around them with every step they took. If she let herself, she could imagine being back at home and playing in a freshly raked pile of leaves with her mom. The sound of her mom’s laugh always made her smile and brought with it a sense of warm comfort. But those carefree moments seemed so long ago. Nina sighed and ran her hand over the soft fur on Lucky’s head. The dog returned the gesture with an affectionate lick and carried on with her excited exploration.

“Wait,” Jake instructed as they began to emerge through the other side of the forest. He took a quick look at the building across the street. He could see several dark alcoves and barred doorways. Someone had secured the location…or at least tried.

Suddenly, gunshots rang out, and everyone ducked. Instincts took over and JC whirled around, faster than he’d ever moved before. Likewise, Lucky snarled, her brown eyes shining brightly. They both bolted out of the woods towards the building.

“No!” Jake snapped as Nina took off after Lucky. “Stay down and try not to make a sound. Mike, stay with Nina.” He gave a nod watched as Jake hurried after the others.

Reacting entirely on impulse, JC reached for the handle. The door wasn’t locked and he found himself stepping in a pool of blood. Lucky, too, pushed her way inside, sniffing the air with furious concentration.

There was someone alive upstairs and they were fighting to keep it that way.


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  1. Must remember to breath while reading... talk about baited breath moments...
    I wonder who they found?

  2. Mike seems to be struggling. Not sure he was the wisest choice for Nina. Lol Lucky should have stayed. Now to see who they came up on.