Thursday, October 27, 2016

Day 27: Fatal Error

Group 3: Jake, JC, Nina, Sara, Lucky, Mike, Chloe
Location: School

The door wouldn’t budge. JC tried putting all of his weight into it, but it gave resistance. Lucky sniffed the ground, her head lowered to the floor as she followed the scent around the side of the building. She was onto something. Giving up on the barred entrance, JC followed the dog. Directed by her keen sense of smell, Lucky led him to another point of entry. She whimpered and clawed at the bottom frame. JC immediately pushed against the door. It inched away a tiny bit. Placing his gun in the waistband of his jeans, he pressed both hands to the weather-beaten wood and shoved. The door swung open with a whirling gust of air, and out with it the smell of rot.

Retrieving his weapon, he cautiously started forward. A large pool of blood had soaked into the hay-covered floors and he was wary of every step he took. Lucky, however, was moving with less concern for the crimson puddles and more curiosity of what lied ahead. JC looked back as he caught movement over his shoulder. Jake nodded at him as joined the two inside. “Anything?”

“Nothing yet. I think the dog’s got something though.”

Jake looked in Lucky’s direction. Sure enough, the small creature had already caught wind of another unlocked passageway, almost as though the doors were left open on purpose. Jake and JC followed close. “Wait,” JC said, motioning for Jake to get down. “Someone’s in there.”

Just as the words left his lips, bullets ripped through the wall nearly tearing through his head. JC hit the dirt while Jake crouched nearby. Lucky had continued her trek, trying to locate the source of the shooting. Using hand signals, Jake gestured to JC that he would circle around and hopefully get behind the shooter, JC would lay down cover fire. Jake counted down from three.

Like a bat out of hell, Jake sprinted forward. JC popped off a couple of rounds, being careful not to let his fun click. 3—2—1 he counted his shots. With one bullet left in the chamber, his back hit the wall. He closed his eyes in silent prayer, hoping Jake got to their attacker first.

Lucky growled. She had spotted someone. Diving across the center partition and a stack of hay, she bit down on the soft patch of flesh. The man howled as she ripped into him, screaming for someone to pull her off. Jake advanced, aiming his weapon at the nearly naked man as he called for Lucky to back off.

“I’d lower my weapon if I were you,” a familiar voice said behind him. He felt the barrel of a gun on the back of his head and slowly lowered his pistol as he placed his hands in the air. “Good boy.”

“And I’d be very careful waving that thing around if I were you, Matt. Lucky’s out for blood right now.”

Matthew lowered his weapon as Jake turned around. The men greeted each other with a hug and Jake gave JC the all clear. “It’s good to see you two made it out alive. Anyone else with you?” JC knew the question was mostly concerning Natalie. However, he was unable to confirm her status.

“I hate to break up such a happy reunion, but do you think someone could, I don’t know, help me so I don’t bleed to death down here?” Edward asked, his tone growing louder and angrier with each word he spoke. Lucky again growled at the man as he got to his feet. He pointed at her and backed away. “And keep your mutt away from me!”

“I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Looks to me like she has good taste,” Matthew replied.

JC went out to collect Nina and Mike. And while the groups reconnected, exchanging stories, Edward glared angrily at them and the dog lying guardedly beside her young mistress.

“And you think he was telling the truth?” JC asked as Matthew recounted the story about the safe zones.

“Who knows, really? Only one way to find out for sure.”

“It could be dangerous,” Jake said. “And we’re nearly out of ammo.”

“Yeah well, that’s never stopped us before,” Josh replied with a grin.


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  1. LOL Lucky attacking Eddie. Good girl, she needs a treat. hahaha

    Well yay, some of the crew is back together. Why do I get the feeling Matt will have some jealously issues when/if he hooks up again with Natalie's group and David is still hanging around.

  2. Go Lucky, someone give that dog a treat!!!

    So glad that some of the groups got back together, but it does seem that Matt really needs to calm down and get his head n the game. He seems to be a bit too 'trigger happy' for my liking.