Monday, October 10, 2016

Day 10: Nowhere to Run

Group 2: Katrina, Troy, Dominic, Mathew, Ryan, Aisha
Location: Police Station

Ryan reached the end of the parking lot first with Troy right behind him. Looking around, nothing seemed out of place. For the moment, the sound had stopped. Ryan glanced back at Troy as if to say “told you so” and began loading more rounds into his weapon. “Come on let’s…” the last of Troy’s words were swallowed as the thumping sound returned, this time louder and closer.

“The trunk,” Ryan nodded, motioning towards the early model sedan parked midways down the lot. “I think someone’s inside. Take a look, I’ll cover you.”

Troy sighed and stepped in front of the corporal. With his weapon at the ready, Ryan knelt beside another parked vehicle and aimed his muzzle towards the car. Another nod and Troy took in a breath as he reached out to thump the vehicle. “Hello?” he called, causing an annoyed groan from Ryan. So much for the element of surprise. Troy tapped again. “Is there anyone in there?” Once more he was met with silence but this time he changed up his tactic. “You have until the count of three to say something, otherwise my trigger-happy friend over there is gonna open fire.”

“WAIT! I’m only 15!” a young girl’s voice erupted from the vehicle.

“Well come out of there.”

“I can’t…” the girl’s voice sounded defeated. “I’m stuck.”

“Press yourself as far against the seats as you can. I’ll blow the lock. On the count of three, you ready?”


Troy counted down and fired. The sound echoed through the otherwise empty trunk and the girl screamed in fright as the trunk lid popped open, exposing her to the chilly autumn air. “It’s ok, you can come out,” Troy said, reaching out his hand to help her. “We’re not gonna hurt you. I’m Troy. That’s Ryan. What’s your name?”


“Ok, Aisha, how did you end up inside this trunk?”

“I closed myself inside. Only I didn’t realize it didn’t have one of those levers that lets you out,” she said, peeking her head above the bottom edge of the trunk. “A-are they gone?” she asked, looking around before taking Troy’s extended hand.

“Who?” Noticing movement over Aisha’s shoulder, Troy turned his gaze, the sight nearly taking his breath. “Let’s…get inside,” he said as calmly as he could.

“Why? What’s hap…?” 

“GET INSIDE NOW!” Troy yelled, cutting off Ryan’s question as he shoved Aisha in front of him and ran for the front entrance. A large horde of zombies had broken through the chain-link fence and were rapidly making their way towards them. With angry steps their feet pounded pavement, moving with the wind to escape the ravenous crowd behind them.

Aisha made it in first. Tossing herself into a corner, she covered her face with her hands, a volley of butterflies roiling in her stomach with bile she struggled to fight back. Ryan was last inside and rushed to close the door, but the army of undead were right on his heels.

The zombie let out a terrifying screech and crammed a long, mangled arm through the opening in the doorway. The putrid smell of rotting flesh filled the room as the infected hand swiped at them frantically. Throwing himself into the door, Ryan worked to clear it and get it closed. The trick worked. He heard a snap. The arm shattered and fell lifelessly to his feet and the door slammed with a boom.

Hearing the commotion, Dominic, Katrina and Mat came running from separate ends of the police station, all centering at the door that Ryan and Troy were pressed firmly against. “What the hell?” Katrina asked, looking at her friend and then to the young girl in the corner. Aisha stood and moved closer to the others.

“We’re surrounded,” Troy said. “They came that fast and that many. There’s no way we’re getting out of here now.” Everything fell silent. The group tried to think. 

Even though they were locked away from the zombies, they could still hear more breaking in through the fence. And those standing just outside the door groaned and growl, furiously ramming themselves into the door, hoping to have themselves a nice meal. “What do we do?” Katrina asked, noticing the fear growing on Aisha’s face.

“We need to get rid of them. There’s what? Maybe half a dozen out there? We have more than enough ammo to clear the lot,” Mat replied.

“Yeah,” Katrina said, “Outside. Did anyone bring in the stuff from the trucks?” she asked, scanning the faces of the others in the room. No one spoke. But the looks were all the answer she needed. 

“Oh you’ve got to be kidding me,” Dominic groaned and kicked the leg of the table nearby, causing a lamp to fall over and break. “So. We’re trapped inside a police station with no weapons, no food and about a dozen monsters trying to get in. We need to get to that stuff. Anyone have any ideas?”

Troy’s arms trembled as he used all his strength to push against the thick metal door. “Will someone make a decision? Our arms can’t take much more of this!”

“Guys,” Aisha spoke up from the back of the room. “That’s not all we have to worry about. That group outside, that wasn’t even half of them. It’s why I was hiding; why I locked myself in the trunk. There were more, lots more; maybe about a hundred, and they were heading this way.”



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  1. Well glad they saved the new kid, but damn if they didn't bring a hoard of hungry zombies down on themselves. :( Now they have more on the way and they have most of their supplies outside. They are in a pretty tight spot.

    And I don't like those poll options. :(

    1. Yep! They weren't expecting this but they never should have left two truck loads of supplies outside either. Oh well. Maybe they can secure the load before their eaten... >:)

      Welp...we're a 3rd of the way in. Kinda time for them to get just a tad bit harder. Who's gonna die next time? >:D

      Thank you for reading :)

  2. Aisha's too green and Troy's tired from holding the door. Go, Mat and Dominic!

    1. Very logical :D Aisha would probably struggle to carry those boxes she was incredibly scared. Let's see if others will agree (even with the idea Mat and Ryan are maybe still a little on the sketchy side).

      Thank you for reading :)

  3. Well that wasn't a very good chain link fence at a Police Station was it? Craftsmanship is just going down the drain in this day and age!